Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Lately I've been in a whirlwind of sorts.

First it was a punch to the face...unexpected but subconsciously just waiting for.

That turned into making a decision to stoop down to a level or to {perhaps for the first time ever} take the high road.

In turn I was left delivering a letter and turning in a key.  Then I was sitting at home on a rainy morning {after a coffee stop} and suddenly feeling peace.

That peace has remained with me but anxiety has tried to push it away numerous times.

I tried to stay positive and decided that it is, indeed, true: 
I'm not in control of every single aspect of my life.

I learned I had to give up the problems and let someone with more authority deal with them for me.

I stopped planning.

I started watching and listening.

Then anxiety grabbed me again in the form of my husband.  Obviously, worrying and it would come out as "I'm not trying to cause a rift...."

What was I to do?



Just keep on keeping on.

The more I gave up the better I started feeling.

The more I accepted that sometimes I do not have the answers the better everything seemed to be.

I put the worry away and pulled out the trust.

Yesterday I found out I'm being gifted a new journey of sorts.  I didn't think I would have this chance but once again - what do I know?  I cannot see the bigger picture because I'm just a little human.

Over and over during this experience I have been reading {words that have strategically been placed in front of me and not by my choosing} that worry leads to no where and trust leads to every where and a thankful heart and mind will carry me.

I am thankful for those words.

I am thankful for learning to actually give up the worry.

I am thankful for so many things I do not deserve but am given.