Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday!

1.  Can Frozen thaw out and die?

I am so over all the Frozen posts that are everywhere from IG to FB to Twitter to blogs.  Seriously, I'm ready for that crap to thaw out so people can move on.  I may be a mom but that doesn't mean I subscribe to falling into the pit of Disney and all things my children love.  This whole fiasco also makes me wonder if its more the moms and dads pushing the crap than the actual movie.  Do all three and four year olds go stupid over all the merch that goes with the movie?  My kid sees it but she doesn't go ape shit to get it.  Then I see parents pointing the crap out and basically rubbing their kids' faces in it and then five minutes later the pictures are all over IG.


2.  Can winter go to frozen hell to?

Maybe Disney's movie is the reason we were bombarded this winter with all the crap weather.  Hey, stranger things have happened.  So earlier in the week we had rain, sleet, and snow.  The forecast for next week is 60s.  Please never let winter return....ok it can come back for the week of Christmas but then it must disappear forever.

3.  This outfit:

So Summery and cute LOVE the navy & yellow together!
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4.  This cook book:
Take It Easy by Jamie and Bobby Deen

I'm not a Paula Deen fan because her food is murder on your body.  However, I like the way her boys cook.  This book has some unfriendly and friendly recipes and I'll be highlighting them in April.

5.  This quote:

And with that....I'm out!  Peace, fleece, and bacon grease!