Monday, June 27, 2016

Southern Charm Season 3 - Thoughts from Whitney & Amanda

Any other Southern Charm fans out there?  As you know I'm a huge fan.  Even though it is in the other Carolina I love watching the show and not hearing the accents you probably hear!  HA!

Tonight the reunion will air for this insane season that is now a wrap.  In honor of it I wanted to post up a fun email discussion that Whitney at Polka Dotty Place and I had about this season of our beloved show.

Whitney emailed me some great questions!  My answers are in purple (I'm not sure why the shades of purple change) and Whitney's are in pink.

What did you think of the dinner party Thomas threw?  

Honestly, I thought he was back on drugs.  He has a history of cocaine addiction and his whole demeanor screamed out drugs if you ask me!  I think his personality has shifted a lot this entire season so knowing his hx I was like - oh look he's on drugs again!

I agree that it seems as though Thomas is on drugs.  He's acting crazy!!

What will come of Landon and Shep?  

Ewwww!  I cannot stand Landon!  I really hope it doesn't work out - and yes that is mean - but I just do not see them sticking.  Of course since I say this they will probably get married and have fifteen children.  

I used to like Landon, but her charm has worn off for me.  It seems as though Patricia is out to help her so we'll see how that plays out.  I think Shep has made it pretty clear that he's not interested.

I (Amanda)  would like to note that they did not try to establish a romantic relationship and I was giggling in my rum over that one.  Whew!  However, I did not condone him asking her friend to the Founder's Ball.  That was a low move and made me see him as a ridiculous young man and not a late thirties man at all!

How sweet was Shep when he was having lunch with his mom?  

He is really close with his mom.  Through all the seasons they are always in scenes together hanging out so I wasn't surprised.  She is his money so of course he loves her hehe.

Maybe Shep's mom will play matchmaker and find someone for him :)  I'd imagine he got a few fan girls.  

Probably because he's handsome too.  

Side note from Amanda:  He's also a playboy and how many of us can say we went through that phase when the bad apple was the most appetizing?  Yep.

What in the world is Craig going to do for his profession? 

Reality television LOL!

Craig and Cam definitely make great reality stars.  I'm doubting he'll ever take and pass the bar.

Will Cam ever come around to having a baby?  

Baby Cameran with her sister and mom.

Not sure about that one.  Cam is an actress and knows the ropes of reality television so you never know if you are getting real Cam or fake Cam.  I do think she's a little too in love with herself to have a mini but at the same time I think she would make a great mom.  Her mother seems like a lot of fun and a good model so I think Cam could pull it off - if she thinks the social life and cameras would like it!

I'm guessing Cam will have a baby since her husband really wants one.  But she'll still work and stay far away from any playdates with Kathryn 😊

How long before Kathryn is pregnant again?  

Girl....Kathryn is gross but Kathryn is deceivingly smart.  In SC if you have a child out of wedlock the mom has total rights to the child and the father has none.  Since Kathryn has had 1 (2???) by Thomas she has a level of control over him (as long as he wants to do the right thing and be a dad) and his finances.  I think her pregnancies were a move to secure herself financially which makes me want to vomit.  I also find that to be very strange because Ms. Calhoun comes from old money - and LOTS of it.  So if she's ovulating right now and she feels the need for some new Prada she's probably on her way to number three!

I can't imagine Kathryn ever calming down enough to be a sane person.  She and Thomas make quite the crazy duo.  I feel sorry for their kids and am still questioning if their newest addition is his!

Well there you have it!  Two Southern Charm Experts and their take on the show this season.  Haha!  What are your thoughts on the show this season?  Care to give us your answers to any of the questions?  Go for it in the comments!

Don't forget the reunion is tonight on Bravo at 8PM!

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Friday, June 24, 2016


Ummm so the second week of summer vacation just zoomed out the window and I'm like - huh?  Anyone else?  Oh well yay for Friday and yay for linking up with Katie & Christina.

We had a great week (the first one of true summer) around here and I hope a fun weekend lies ahead for all of us!  Here are some things I wanted to share with you.

Father's Day weekend was great but it didn't start out too phenomenal.  On Saturday my husband loaded us all up to go visit his dad.  We did - but his dad was no where to be found.  Then we decided to get lunch at Subway and the line was extremely long and very slow so we went to the other Subway in town.  Just as we were eating our lunches our son spilled his chocolate milk all over dear old dad.  We ended up coming home and changing into our swim suits and going to the pool for the rest of the day!

Our view for three hours...peaceful and no fighting kids!

The actual holiday was spent on the river!  My mom kept both kids since she would be leaving for a week at the beach.  My husband and I enjoyed a three hour kayak trip.  I would say we were the only ones on the river but there were two canoes ahead of us.  We really love paddling but having that time together was the best.

When we got home from our excursion we attended a cookout at my mom's and went to see my grandma.  Her Alzheimer's battle has progressed to the point of large amounts of sleeping and she is not very verbal anymore.  It is heartbreaking.

She's cute, yes, but she knows exactly how to push my buttons!!!  I guess she's just like me?  Oh no....

Monday marked the last week of camp for my diva.  The idea of her dramatic self being home with us the rest of the summer is daunting!  Why is it our kids are great for other's but show those true colors when they are with mom and dad?  I'm busy trying to get a lot of fun things together for us to do and creating incentives for good behavior and helping out around the home.  This is also going to be combined into a blog post for next week!  I know some of you think bad of me for admitting my daughter can be a handful but you know what?  This is real life.

This was before I let her out of the crate to go potty and then let her stay out to keep me company.  Yes, I'm in love!  My new buddy.

My princess who thought I was insane for taking her on a 2.5 mile walk on Monday night.  She's a tad bit lazy.

I had two cleaning clients to visit and tidy up their homes for this week!  I fell in love with the sweet Yorkie of one.  She was so much fun to have around as I scrubbed.  I think together we may be able to solve many of the world's issues!  I'm also just about 100% my next dog will be a Yorkie.  Of course that is *hopefully* years away.  My Chippy is my princess.

He is hard to see but that little black spot all the hands are going towards is a puppy.

Speaking of doggies - my dad's young Rottweiler died unexpectedly this week.  The cause was undetermined.  This was heartbreaking as I had just been loving on Harley over this past weekend and he was a sweet dog for my kids to play with.  Leave it to my dad to waste no time in replacing Harley.  The night after Harley passed away he was on the road to Asheboro, NC to get another Rotty Puppy.  Tank visited us on Wednesday night and he is a sweetie pie.  I was a bit alarmed at how fast he replaced Harley but then again I can understand.  Filling voids, maybe?

The kiddos made some adorable crafts at VBS this week.  Yes, another week of VBS!  We love it around here!  They also had so much fun playing while learning scripture.  The church they attended this week has a special place in our hearts as they rushed in to help us when our house issue happened a couple years ago.  There are so many good people and sweet souls there, we are still appreciative to this day.

She believed she could, so she did I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief  (Mark 9:24):
I think this fits!  

And the last bit of randomness from this week....I'm down ten pounds.  I had set a goal to be back to my pre-marriage weight in 2016 and it looks like I am well on my way!  I weighed in on Thursday - I use a client's scale every two weeks because I know it is correctly set - and I was shocked to see the number!  If they video me cleaning their home then they'll get a kick out of the scream and dance I did as I sang into the toilet brush.  Yeah, I'm not kidding.  Also, I just knew I had gained you probably thought so too if you read my Tasty Tuesday post.  I have to thank THM for helping me eat better and of course my own issue with constantly being in motion!  Here's a great recipe for you to try if you're looking for a low carb way to eat this summer.

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Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This is real life.

The Real Housewives of the OC is back.  I have watched half of the first episode.  It is no secret I'm a huge fan of the he RH series.  I enjoy watching them all and laughing at them all and of course rolling my eyes to the hilt at every single drama filled episode.

Lately, I've been thinking - what if the Real Housewives were just that - real housewives.

The other night as I was letting my random mind wander about in my head I started playing out the roles of myself and my best friend and some others I know.  I drew several slight differences between myself and my friends and the stunning beauties on the shows.

If the housewives were real then...

There houses would not be sets from magazines.  There would be laundry patiently awaiting it to be folded by our own selves and not the maid.  The sink would show signs of a meal we made the night before.  The dishwasher - loaded and either not yet put away or still waiting on me to remember to buy a bottle of detergent.  There would be kid toys and dog toys in random corners.  Dog hair on the furniture.  A snack bar wrapper tucked into a cushion on the couch because the idea of walking to the trash can is unbearable for a soon to be nine year old.

The bathrooms would be 2,000 square feet smaller.

The catchall room would have a permenanty shut door.

The closet would be a closet and not a room the size of my kitchen and living put together.  Shoes may be decreased in number and placed in a "cute tote" ordered from a magazine company.

Fresh flowers?  Nope, maybe weeds that my kids picked and I placed in a mason jar.

They would still be pissed off they didn't have a nanny and would be eager for any one to offer up to watch them for a couple hours.  I'm not sure if they know exactly what their littles are up to or if they just check in once a day for five minutes.  They would need to sit down and teach them those numbers and letters and feel the frustration when you accidentally start comparing child a to child b.

Agonizing over the checkbook would also be a real part of the show.  Especially if the paycheck they typically get stops for two to three months a year.  Let's make them super real and eliminate million dollar anything from the lifestyle.  At least three episodes would be Dave Ramsey strategies at work.

Private gyms get replaced with YMCA's.

Girl's trips to tropical oasis destinations are replaced with meeting up at the baseball or softball field and catching up there.  You'll make every attempt to at least go out to dinner but instead it will have to be cancelled or you'll settle for a Saturday evening cookout referreeing the kids from fighting over toys.

Related image

Perfect complexions are replaced by I'm-smiling-because-I-put-on-mascara-today.  Freckles, pimples, lines are all on display because the make up professional does not drop by our houses every day.

There are Walmart labels in our drawers.

Do you see my car?  Oh yes it is foreign but it isn't that kind of foreign.  Notice the melted crayon stain from three years ago, dog hair, crumbs, and receipts from two Christmases ago.

The people you do not get along with - you do not meet for lunches.  You steer clear of them but when you see them you at least smile and say hello to.

We haven't been in jail....yet.

Our husbands don't leave us to do lists - we make our own.

Once a week we go to that mysterious grocery store place that isn't known for it's organic, nothing added, totally ripping your budget apart merchant.  We visit the chains that take coupons, if we remember them, and the cashier knows us and actually has a bit of small talk with us.

We drink wine.  $6.99 wine.

Divorces aren't our story line.  We move past the past and on to the forward.

Chances are we live five to fifteen minutes from our parents and if we don't we Skype or email them on the regular.  They aren't embarassed of us either.

We cook for our own parties.

We haven't had our faces cut on or shot into...but we plan on it if we have the money.

Most of us believe in God for real and not to "give a certain spin" on a situation.

There is no chance that any of us will buy our kids' new homes.  We probably won't even buy them cars from this decade when it comes time to go down that road!

So maybe real housewives aren't as interesting as the girls on the shows.  But I think we have a pretty good thing going; stress and all.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tasty Tuesday

Summer brings challenges to the dinner table.

The biggest one?

Not being hungry.  We will call that first world problems.

As of late I have not wanted meals per say but rather to a cow.

I have a few confessions to make relating to food and drink and there is no better time than right now to let them off my chest.

Image result for popsicle

1.  My kids are living off popsicles.  It is true.  And yes, popsicles are nothing but sugar that is frozen.  My son wants them for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack, snack, and dinner.

That's how I feel homey.

2.  Hot weather means I want a bad treat - a very bad treat.  I have been allowing myself one Coke daily.  This is so against my grain but my God it is so good to sip that Coke at 4:30PM each day.  I swear the first sip is probably the equivolent to the gates of heaven opening up and choirs of angels singing my favorite classic Reba songs.

3.  Last week I made a pan of unhealthy brownies and topped them with cheap, delicious vanilla ice cream.

4.  Beer tastes so much better when the temperature is over 85.  Of course I drink Mich Ultra and limit myself tastefully.  I also make these stupid math equations saying - Since I'm not hungry I'm drinking my nutrition one low carb can at a time.  I swear I'm not an alcoholic.

5.  Thank goodness for fresh produce.  It is my life saver.  Watermelon is my homeboy as is pineapple and soon peaches.  Sugary - yes but natural and not those damned brownies I topped with ice cream.

I crave keeping my lifestyle changes of no sugar/low sugar and no carb/low carb in check.  I struggle with it daily this time of year and see that swimming and my nice long is-she-jogging-or-walking evening walks are beneficial.

But it is summer and in the summer we live a little.


Recipe Tuesday: Low Carb Chicken Salad

If you are able to eat regular, full meals this time of year then I don't know if you need this post in your life right now.

Today I'm sharing a simple, classic summer recipe that is basically a staple around here in the warm months.  We really do not eat it when it is cold out at all and looking back this is just a food I assimilate with summer time!

Chicken Salad is the dish in the spotlight.  My husband likes very basic chicken salad and he likes it at a fine consistency.  I prefer mine a little chunky with some sweet gerkin juice for flavor but that guy? Nope.

Today I'm sharing with you the way I make it for the hubby.

For step one you will need:

2 1/2 lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast
Garlic & Parsley Seasoning (The Hispanic Foods Aisle has the best garlic and parsley mix)
Salt and Pepper

In a dish place the chicken, sprinkle them generously with he garlic and parsley mix.  Then sprinkle with salt and pepper to your liking.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes - unless you have thin cut chicken breasts.  Thin cut should only need about 20 minutes in the oven.

It is imperative that you check the chicken once the timer sounds.  Make sure it is cooked through.

Lazy girls this is where you utilize your food processor or Ninja if you want to make a very fine textured chicken salad like my husband likes.  If you like a coarser texture then use two forks to shred or cut the chicken into small pieces with a knife.

I use a Ninja for everything.  So I cut the chicken into quarters and place in the ninja with:

1/2 cup of mayo
1/2 onion chopped

This is also where I check my seasoning and see if I need to add anymore garlic and parsley mix or salt and pepper.

Time to pulse, cue the 80's music and be sure to look like you are convulsing as you pulse to the beat.

If you opted to shred or chop without the help of kitchen appliances (Amish cooking) then place the chicken in a large bowl with finely diced onion, 1/2 a cup of mayo, stir it up super well.

Make sure to taste test it to see what you need to add.

I like to eat chicken salad wrapped in Romaine or on a Joseph's pita.  It is also super yummy eat to on it's on with tomato slices.

My husband eats his on sandwich bread with extra mayo...gross.

Though this is pretty good if you ever come to my little map dot I'll take you to get the best chicken salad you have ever put in your mouth at the local bakery!

Tasty Tuesday will be up later today!  Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday!


Monday, June 20, 2016

The 1st Day of Summer 2016

Good morning (or afternoon or evening)!  I'm so excited that today is Monday - eeek wait! I worded that incorrectly, maybe?  I want to say I am so excited that today, being Monday, is the first day of summer!  Yes, my season has officially begun and that means we all need to celebrate.

I plan to bring in summer with a few outdoor projects, lunch by the pool, swimming, a slushy for the kids, VBS (yep, another!), Southern Charm, Real Housewives of OC (woo hoo they are back!), and a sipper on the porch.

Now to the meat and potatoes of today's post:

And the search was:  Summer Solstice because First Day of Summer just pulls up school crap and we are so removed from school crap right now that I don't want any in my vision.  Please and thank you!

This was an interesting grouping of pins...

1.  Witching hour

Summer Solstice:  #Litha.:

Well I'm not a Wicca follower but I can be a witch at times.  This all popped up and I was like oohh how cool I should put some lavender, and lemon in my cleaning supplies for this week.  Then I was like - wait a minute is this Glenda the Good Witch or Linda the Bitch Witch?  Anyhoo, if you're interested in all that paganism/Wicca/etc stuff then you'll find TONS of pins when you punch in summer solstice.  I love Jesus, y'all just need to know that.

2.  Cake by the ocean - not in that way the song means...

Rosemary, lavender and honey blend together to make this irresistible cake.

So here's the deal - I noticed, after reading the pagan stuff, that all of us take some pagan traditions and apply them to our celebrations of summer.  This gorgeous cake is just an example.  Yes, it popped up for summer solstice and does that cake look great or what?  Rosemary, lavender and honey cake....

3.  Nothing says summer like July 4th?

Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs here! For the very best classic 4th of July foods, visit eBay for nine awesome ways make them. It'll have you feeling like it’s a festival in your own yard.:

I think we're about two weeks from Independence Day but Pinterest and I guess eBay think you need to start planning right this minute for your July 4th fun.  This pin is actually a food item pin for the 4th of July.  I kind of like that inflatable buffet...

4 - I agree!

Be positive

5 - Have a drink on me

Summer Solstice Collins - Vodka, Lemon, Blood Orange Liqueur and Thyme. A great cocktail to celebrate the beginning of summer!  <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Creative-Culinary...</a>

This is a Summer Solstice Collins and it looks pretty fabulous with lots of lemon and vodka.

SO I have to know - how are you welcoming in summer?

xo -

Friday, June 17, 2016


Hi guys!  Happy Friday!  Today I'm linking up with Katie & Christina.

I realized this week just how much my hair has grown in the past 9 months!  Holy moly!  Nearly 6 inches of growth since last September.  And that is how I am spending my summer - mainly make up free, t-shirts, and shorts.  I kinda miss getting all prettied up, need to change that!

The summer heat makes me not wan to eat very much.  My lunches have looked like this!  Joseph's Wraps and fresh veggies.  This one was super good.

My daughter is at summer camp during the day so I'm left to entertain the Little Man each day.  Cue the pool!  We go every day for at least an hour and half.  Then it is nap time before VBS starts.  By the way we are VBS fanatics!  This year the kids are going to five different ones.  They love everything about VBS and come home ready to tell me what they learned.  LOVE!

Monday afternoon I helped my mom clean out her classroom for the summer.  I did organization while she did um something LOL!  These stickers made me giggle because sometimes my 14 year old self bubbles up and finds crude humor in the smallest of things!

Little Man enjoys seeing his dad during the day.  He also loves to mimic his dad in the garage.  I had to snap this picture because hello Father's Day and hello sweet memories.  

I finished up The Hypnotist's Love Story this week and then picked this book up at Goodwill.  So far pretty good!

A regular style post telling about all things country living going on around here.  We have a new horse, a new rodeo lover, and a sad story from hen house.

I was excited to link this post up over at Johannah's Link Up on Tuesday.  I share a recipe, finally!  A healthy THM recipe that we all enjoyed so much!

This is your go to menu plan for Father's Day!  I pulled together some great recipes and meal ideas from around the internet that should fit the taste of any guy in your life!  

Ever been financially embarassed around a holiday?  Well this is for all the broke folks who need to pull together a good Father's Day gift.

Way back in March I posted my spring bucket list of items to be completed around the house.  Well I evaluated what we completed and was very excited!  Also in this post is my Summer 2016 Around The Home Bucket List.  

Wishing you a happy and fun weekend!  With all the dramatic events of last weekend I feel this is very much appropriate.

Be so busy loving God and loving others that you have no time for regrets, worries, fears or drama. #projectinspired:

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