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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Think (Thursday)

Ut oh!  I been thinkin'!  Hit the random button!

I think I absolutely love Southern Charm on Bravo.

I think I watch a lot of Bravo.

I think I'm glad Gretchen, Lydia, and Alexis are off Real Housewives.

I think I need to buy a bottle of cheap wine.

I think I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I think I'm over this cold snap... it is a month into the spring right?

I think I need a haircut but I keep getting compliments on this mess.

I think I think too much about getting a puppy.

I think I'm excited for Easter and I've decided to make a big lunch on Sunday.

I think I'm so over election season.

I think I'm sick and tired of hearing about high schools.

I think gas prices are stupid.

I think my son making the sound a kitty cat makes is hilarious (and I'm not a cat fan).

I think I'm over being told when my child needs a jacket.

I think I scored on a Pinterest idea.

I think I bombed a Pinterest idea 24 hours prior to the score.

I think Cameron Diaz is not a botox junkie and I respect her for that.

I think I need to get a jeweler to fix the clasp on my pearls (like STAT).

I think I'm getting my daughter some old school Taylor Swift for her Easter Basket.

I think its weird I'm saying old school and Taylor Swift in the same sentence.

I think its weird my child is such a Taylor Swift fan.

I think I eat too much candy.

I think I need to get a new book to read.

I think I'm stoked over Spring Break.

I think Thursday is cool.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


NFTAD - Notes From the TA's Desk

Yep that's my desk....haha.  JK!

Here are some diamonds I have to share with you from my first two weeks at work.

1.  Those darn Republicans.

In an answer on a test a student wrote:  "The Republicans fought long and hard for their freedom."

Seriously? Oh man.

2.  Upon learning about different cultures and reading a story to go along with this theme it became evident that some kids believe that "Yiddish" & "Irish" are interchangeable.


3.  The secret to testing?

For some students it is not reading anything but more of just putting random numbers and words in the blanks.  An example?  One question asked for the pattern of car colors the student wrote:  2.


4.  Why didn't I become a ______________.

Boy band finder.  Really!  I have learned more about some Brit boy band and some Disney boy band than I ever cared to know.  This comes complete with a lunchroom concert from two students.

5.  Nine year olds __________________.

Pick, stare at, and then consume their nasal mucous products more than my six year old....and she does it a lot.

6.  Third grade today must be the equivalent of fifth grade from when I was in school.  It is amazing how much kids are expected to comprehend from the text book at nine years old.  I look a at the concepts and remember them being introduced my fifth grade year.  Go on smarty pants!  (Unless you are the kid(s) in number 1-3!)

7.  Middle school mentality....

A note was found in a computer lab that discussed some things that I was certain weren't hot topics until you were a puberty stricken annoying early teen something.  We're talking about a topic that I didn't know existed in third grade.  It made me want to vomit considering nine year olds are up to do date on wordage that needs to be eliminated until they are like 26.  Makes me want to helicopter my own kid a little harder!

8.  I really love _____________________.

My job.

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Seasonal Breakfast Ideas for Tasty Tuesday!

Breakfast is my favorite meal.  I like to have a special breakfast on the big holidays.  I recently took to Pinterest to find some ideas for Easter weekend and Spring Break week for my family.  Here are some gems I found.
Best Easter breakfast ever
A great reason to hit up Krispy Kreme!
Bunny Breakfast - an egg, bacon ears, cheese for whiskers and blueberries for eyes, cute!
Yep, bacon!
Baked Maple Bacon Pancake "Eggs" have a touch of sweetness & bacon crunch! Perfect for Easter breakfast or brunch! From littlemisscelebratio...
More grown up....baked maple pancake "eggs"

bunny bums! For easter breakfast!
Bunny Bum Pancakes

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter '14

So Easter is literally just around the corner of the calendar.  I have not done much on the Easter front and considering I have two kids...I need to jump on that!

I've decided this week we will:

How to dye eggs with shaving cream, Shaving Cream SWIRL eggs, Easter Eggs, #Easter, How to make swirled easter eggs
I really want to try this out!  Anything with shaving cream is more fun right?

1.  Dye eggs.  You know I have my bichens.  Well I don't like to use their eggs for dying purposes (though you can dye brown eggs and paint them and all that jazz).  I prefer store bought white bad eggs.

Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt...this looks so fun! I want to do this:)
Put glow sticks inside and do it at night.

2.  Hide some eggs.  Knowing this will turn into a daily "mom can we hide eggs" question until June...

Easter Desserts: Decorated Dipped Pretzel Rods #easter #dessert #easy
Highly addictive?  Yes!

3.  Make some festive bunny dessert.  It is only right ya know.

Have you started your Easter festivities?  Share them with me if you have!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

Oh yeah its the weekend!  BRING IT ON!  I tell you since I've returned to the regular working world I live for the weekends again.  We pick about how we're rushing our lives by counting down the days to Friday....Spring Break....and summer break....and I just started nearly 2 weeks ago!  Haha!

Ok so here's my five for this weekend:

1.  Starting it off with an outfit {from Pinterest of course}

Cute spring Weekend Outfits | Source: via Hailey on Pinterest
Pin This!

Seriously, if you know me then you know this is very very very BROWNIE!

landscaping with stones and rocks | Stepping stone path
No we're not doing this but it sure is pretty! Pin it!

2.  Last week we sowed grass seed.  This week we'll be making a stepping stone path through our backyard since the front yard is officially out of commission.  We're using the stones we had in the front yard.  I love saving!

3.  I am ready for a date weekend but not this weekend...until then I'll keep dreaming.... :-)  I'll also hope someone decides to take the kids for a couple hours.  That would be sha-weet!

Screaming kids? Problem solved

4.  My son has hit a major annoying period where he likes to scream and squeal at the top of his lungs.  It causes me to need a lot more adult beverages.  I'm thinking of getting a new bottle of liquor this weekend.

5.  Sodie Pop refills - get 'em!

I'm going to add in a post that I read over the week to my five every Friday.  Rikki makes me laugh so hard and this post was getting an AMEN/AMAN/Oh yeah sweet Geesey from me!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday

This week I had my first meeting at the new job.  It was not at all what this girl expected.

Like seriously.

I'm used to meetings and them being a packet and a lot of talk about changes or new programs to be implemented or blah or bleh or bluh.

How about in the first five minutes of this meeting I was given a Thank You card from a teacher who really doesn't even know me and had to watch this video about a guy who had to decide whether to pull the plug on his mom after a heart attack or let her live on a vent.


Did I just get zapped into a different job field and a different meeting?

Ok the video ends up with the guy talking about how (before the plug was pulled) he just let it all out to his mom and thanked her for everything she had done for him and taught him and so on and so forth.

Then he said it:

I had never told her before.


Today I am thankful for final chances.  A final chance to tell someone how you feel before the moment shifts and forever is changed.

I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to the one person who has left this world that meant everything to me.  What I wouldn't give for two minutes.

Every time we are preparing to say goodbye to someone - whether it be in the morning as we are off to work or school or when we're by a hospital bed we are being given a chance to say something that we may never get a chance to say again.  We are sharing a moment that will never be repeated.  We are given an opportunity to make a lasting, small impact.

The deal is this:  we don't know that we'll ever make it home that day.  We don't know that we'll get that discharge from the hospital.  We may not make that landing back on native soil.  We may not make that right turn again.

Final chances are huge and they are often times unknown in the moment.  Take each day as your final chance and take nothing for granted.

That's all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The abc's of me

I have seen this one going on quite frequently lately and thought awe well why not.

a is for age - 32 but I feel like a spry 20 something

b is for birthday - November 6th (Scorps unite!)

Whenever I would color a picture that had trees, bushes, grass, etc, I had to include every shade of green, always!

c is for color - green....all shades and add in the green-blue family too

d is for drink - ok this is a toss up coffee and coke

e is for eyes - hazel honey and they change

f is for flashback - lately its been back to my young girl softball days (thanks to coaching t-ball)...I don't think I realized how much I enjoyed it now that those days are long gone!

g is for gent - my hubby, I am lucky and loved!

h is for hobby - playing in the dirt, cooking, reading, blogging, shopping when able LOL

i is for indulgence - currently Cadbury Eggs (holla!)

j is for job - TA for 3rd grade....freakin' love my job!

k is for kiddos - you know my Diva and Little Man :-)

l is for love - my hubby, my kids, my whole family, my home, all my blessings

Eric Church // #tortugafest

m is for music - alternative, classic rock, some country (Eric Church anyone?), old school rap

n is for nickname - Brownie (duh right?) and apparently Waka hahaha, oh and I cannot leave out Captain Random (circa 2004-2005)

o is for one wish - for us all to live long happy and healthy lives (yeah that could be more than one in there huh?)

p is for pets - four chickens or rather bichens

q is for quote - the road goes on forever and the party never ends - Robert Earl Keen Jr THE MAN!

r is for residence - North by God Carolina

s is for siblings - a brother named Avery who is a big mess

t is for temperature - I prefer sunny and 75 - 95 (yes I like it hot)

UNCG Spartans 1891 college !

u is for university - UNC-Greensboro is my alma mater

v is for vehicle - ka-ka-ka kia

w is for worst habit - how much time do you have?  stressing over stupid shit

x is for xrays - vision baby

y is for yuck - mice eeek gross run!

z is for favorite zoo animal - baboons because they NEVER hide ANYTHING LOL

This morning I caught myself smiling as I went about doing my usual morning things, and I briefly stopped to wonder why. The reason, I realized, is Lulu. Just knowing she exists and I'll more than likely get to be with her again in the next day or two makes me happy, and that makes me smile. Unlike me, I suspect the baboon in this picture is smiling over thoughts of bananas or large, multicolored baboon bums.