Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Is Here!

Ahhh November you came so quickly.

I love October and I love November and my feelings towards other months aren't quite as immense with the passion I have for those two months.

Even though November is my birthday month I don't really eat it up for that reason.

Presents are just a perk.

I love the weather and the leaves and the trees.

I'm all about a good fire, good coffee, autumn brews.

Give me sweatshirts and sweaters and boots and dark nails.

It is no wonder this seems to be the fastest time of year....we only get this beauty for maybe 8 weeks and then the trees are bare and the world is too cold to move.


In case you haven't noticed I have been quite sad lately.

When our lives are turned upside down and the remedy isn't as quick as the snap of a finger... well its unfortunate.

But I am so blessed.

This month marks the true time of everyone being accountable for all they are blessed with and thankful for.

My list is long.

Starting today I vow to put my sadness away and focus on the positives.

Each day I will post a little blurb of what I am thankful for.

Many bloggers do this.

Many Facebookers will take the challenge.

I challenge you to join me.

Share with me daily what you're thankful for that particular day.

You can post it on the A Brownie World Facebook Page or on the blog post for the day.

It doesn't matter how big or small what you're thankful for is that is the fact you are acknowledging it's existence and you are happy to have it in your life.

Let's go for nouns though ok?

Nouns - person, place, or thing.



On this the first day of November I wish to share with you a person I am thankful for.

It's not my husband or mom or sixth removed cousin.

It's not my kid(s) or my dog.

They will get their day.

Today I want to take a moment and tell you how thankful I am for my friend Jen.

How's that for a fuzzy pic?  Eeeek!

She's a work-a-holic, amazeballs lady who I look forward to hanging out with once (wish it was more) a week.  She busts her tail between two full time nursing jobs and juggles everything life throws at her with humor and grace.

She's been an amazing friend to me and I think that's one of God's blessings in my life.

When I hit my low point she's supportive and smart.  She reminds me of the things that I fail to see.

I love her very much.

She is my November 1st -So-Thankful-For!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Faves - End of October!!!


Happy last Friday of October!  Chugging right along...yes we are!  Here are my five for the week.  I hope your's was amazing.  Leave a comment and I'll get back at ya and your blog if you're writing too!

1.  Halloween fun!

2.  Lunch with my Jen

Wednesday was a gray day.  My emotions were gray too.  We met at Wendy's and after I let her in that I was feeling low she immediately began clicking off all the positives.  She also made me laugh out loud over some crazy stuff she'd experienced.

3.  Skate Night

My daughter's school's PTO has a Skate Night fundraiser at a local skate rink every month.  When I was growing up those were all the rage now days they aren't so much.  Anyhoo, it was my girl's first time ever on wheels.  She started out scared to death and by the end of the night she was more confident.  I just enjoyed having girl time with her.

And no, I do not skate!

4.  Time with my little man

This week I only had three days of work so I had two days with my little fella.  On Tuesday we colored and played with trucks.  On Wednesday we painted pumpkins.  I need to perfect my painting with a two year old skills.  It was fun.

5.  Holes Filled

That is where our home stood.  That is where our home crapped on us.  Now it is filled in with dirt.  I am so glad to see that hole in the ground gone.  Its amazing how filling that spot in can make you focus forward.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I think.... Thursday

Today's thinking cap....Bathing Hat or Shampoo Cap for Kids or Baby – $1.50 + FREE SHIPPING I’m thinking for when my boy needs to get his hair cut. What do you think? Comes in pink or blue!

I think....its hard to comprehend that we are at the END of October.

I is a bit sad that we have so quickly hit the end of this month.

I think....I'm not excited about my birthday.

I think....I am excited at getting some kid free time with my sweet friend for my birthday!

I think....I'm not into Halloween at all this year.

I think....dressing up would make it more fun but I'm not in the mood.

I flu shot hurt extra bad this year but its worth it.

I need to get inoculated against it too.

I think....I love the word inoculated.

I think....the upcoming time change is a major bummer.

I think.....change is good and I hope positive change comes quickly.

I think....I am so grateful for Joey's sweet words when she comments on my posts.

I think....I could fall asleep right now.

I think....I'm so glad we left our home church.  This past weekend sealed that.

I think....election season sucks and there are no good choices....its all smoke and mirrors.

I think....watching my kid skate for the first time Monday night was funny.

I think....I miss having girls time out with her.

I patience grows thinner with every passing year.

I think....that's normal!!!

I think....I need to chuck all the Halloween candy out the door or else.

I think....I've lost nothing in my 5lbs journey.

I think....I probably need to weigh myself to know for sure.

I think....I'm done for now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The BIG Move: Week 9

How strange that our weeks coincide with the school calendar's grading period weeks.  
I just realized that.  
So here's the report card for the first 9 weeks.

House moved - A+
Foundation - B (still a lot to do to finish it)
Floor Removal - C (still a lot more to rip)   (note to self find out about that)
Heating & Air - Not completed as of this grading period
Plumbing - Not complete as of this grading period

It has been nine weeks since the mess happened.  That's hard to wrap your mind around.  

Or at least it is for me.  

After speaking to some people last night it looks like we're in for another 8-9 weeks before we can get in the house.  

That was kind of like knife to the gut feeling.  

My prayers have been for just four or five.  But I know, I know....what do I know?  I'm not in control blah blah blah....I am a human.

This is how it goes though when you're not able to pull from your stocks and bonds and Swiss bank account I guess <wink>...

Sadly enough, I don't have much to mention this week.  We hope for the plumbing and heating and air to be completed by November 9th.  After that we can focus in on electrical which will probably take a few days to complete. After electrical is complete we can do more evening work.  

I look forward to this as long as someone will watch the kids....I mean I could go all Duggar style and we could start teaching them really early so they become entrepreneurs like by the age of 18 but um...I am not St. Michelle ok?

 Dry wall will have to be put in where other walls had to be removed due to damage.  Then we'll see some flooring.

I really hope for sudden quickness so we can try to begin adjusting to being back at our own home.

I also want to thank you guys who emailed me in regards to yesterday's post.  The giggles you sent and email style hugs were so kind and thoughtful and much needed.  I appreciate it.  

Ideas: Entry Room

One room in our home that will serve new purposes is what used to be our play room.

The room originally sat on the front side of the house and now has been turned to face the back.  This room will go from being the cartoon mecca slash toy storage room to being a main entry way for us when we arrive home daily.

How it looked before....

Now there is no covered fire place or floor and the wall you cannot see is a bit larger.  Where the fire place is in this picture is a new door (cut out).

Since this won't be the play room that much anymore I want to give it a fun but really simple feel.  Here are some things I'd like to incorporate into this room when its time to start working...

rustic & contemporary  Under The Table and Dreaming: Utilizing Unused Living Room Space to Create a Child Friendly Area...Ikea expedit, baskets and love the buck silhouette

Some people need this friendly reminder! Please Lose Your Shoes Real Wood Custom Sign by FussyMussyDesigns

neutral colours - grey, white, black and wood, with a tiny pop of colour #glasschuhloves

Very simple sitting room - but I love it! Shabby chic Christmas. I would love for my house to look like this... And my floors to look like this

Lots of ideas to try to meld together huh?

See ya later!

Find all these ideas on my Pinterest board!
Follow Amanda's board Floors to Walls on Pinterest.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Man Overboard

I'm hitting a rut or maybe a brick wall

Ever done that?

The house seems to have slowed way, way, way down.  It no one's fault its just that we're to the process of weekends being work time.

Between the fact the house is at a slower process, the holidays around the corner, and not being in my own home....I feel like I'm drowning.

My husband works late and then when he's off work he has to go work on the house....I feel alone.

I love my kids but being that we're on our own a lot more in a house that isn't ours makes life a little more difficult.

This whole situation is totally uncomfortable.  I'm 8 weeks into being over it.  

She's ungrateful....

No I'm not.  I am very thankful for so much.  I am just past the point of smiling and being positive.

I am over fake sympathy.

I am over backhanded apologies.

I am sick and tired of this "test" we've been given.

Right now I feel like the guy who couldn't take the ship anymore.  He was sick of vomiting, sick of the sea, and home sick.  He jumped overboard to get away.  

The only flip side of that feeling is this:  you jump into the sea you'll probably flounder and float and swim and tread.  Then eventually if no one picks you up you'll succumb to the dangers around you.  The water, the weather, the carnivores.  Had you just stayed on the ship a bit longer you'd be on land again....away from the boat, away from the water, away from the melancholy.

So I'm staying on the boat.  

And I feel so much better to just put that out there.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Ramblings....Another Edition

Randomness is so loved!  Here's another diarhea of the mind session.

1.  A lady I know was married a few weeks back.  I think it may have been her sixth wedding.  She wore white.  She had the big deal wedding.  My mind wonders.....when do you realize that collecting last names like garden gnomes is uncool and furthermore when does your mind understand you sure as shit aren't pure as the driven snow 6 men in.  Just wondering....

2.  Shouldn't teachers, daycare workers, helpers, know their student's/kid's names by month two?  Just wondering....

3.  Why is it that a tad bit of benadryl can knock me the crap out for days on end and yet my son gets it and its like speed?  Just wondering.....

4.  Ebola.....need I say more.  Geez.  I heard it was in NYC now. Happy Halloween America!

5.  This is my first post via iPad. Yes, I feel so technologically in tune with the universe. Don't tell me texting never came in handy. I have made iPad skills now!

6.  I could not make it as a single parent.....without an inappropriate dosage from a quack doctor of mental zombie status medication. Since our house busted on us I have had an enormous amount of time parenting alone. My hubs is ALWAYS working. I appreciate him so much but I respect him even more when he is able to help me out with our shared biology projects.

7. I love some K&W. If you aren't from NC or SC then I apologize for not knowing the precious heaven sent cafeteria of southern goodness.

8. I have five pair of jeans, two hoodies, three dresses, three pair of non jeans but yet pants, one pair of leggings, two cardigans, one button up, a denim jacket, two winter coats, four sweaters, and four pair of shoes. Yep, that's it.  It's getting harder to dress myself.

9. I have decided to not bake this week due to the upcoming candy binge of 2014.

10. That's all!