Friday, September 30, 2016


Have a great weekend! No te olvides de decirles a los tuyos cuanto los quieres, tal vez con un detalle de

It has been too long since we had a fun family weekend...too darn long!  And this weekend we are changing that.  We're heading up the road (not too far) to the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival *and to see my bestie!* Tomorrow!  I am so stoked.

This week was super duper busy.  Here's the run down!

Focus on HAPPY!

For me happy is working out and being so stupid silly.  This week I got a lot of that.  As seen on Snap Chat LOL.

My grandma turned 90!

She may not have any freaking clue what was going on but she has made it ninety years.  She was in great health until Alzheimer's disease hit her in 2009.  We've watched her morph into a very delicate elderly woman and it has been hard.  Her life is a celebration.

We had a terrific play date on Wednesday!  I want to give a huge shout out to Candice for having us over.  Not only did our kids (and nieces) have a great time but I think we really enjoyed conversating!  I'm so glad she's back from South Carolina!  Of course we had so much fun I failed to snap even one picture.  So I'll just rip off the internet...

the-hamptons:    Gisele Bündchen & Carmen Kass | by Steven Meisel for Vogue US July 1999.
I know we look like super models but hey we just threw on some clothes and grabbed some weiner happens. LOL

Thursday rocked.  The only thing on the calendar was an eye doctor appointment for me - my eyes are getting a little better?  What?  I've had HORRID like nearly legally blind vision for 32 years.  For the last two year my eyes have improved!  WOW!  The hubs and I went together (he has eagle vision, hate him because that plus the fact he can do math makes me vomit).  We enjoyed walking around LA Reynolds and then Panera for lunch.  It was like a date morning...ahhh love those!  Then he got a haircut.  If you're local you should be going to the Bearded Bear for your barber needs!  Lynn is awesome!

Sugar detox starting up on Monday, October 3rd (if not before!)  Since I am back at it in the gym (instead of outside 24/7) I figured I needed to reconfigure my system since the holidays are right around the corner.

You can join me :)  Remember I don't sell anything because you don't need it.  You need drive, determination, and someone to give you a pep talk every day.  I can be that person.  Plus, I'm free.  Don't you like it?  Free and easy.  Well the easy part is up to you I'm not easy.  Email me if you want to join in to get healthier in October.  I swear I don't sell anything.

This is true. The more effort you put in, the easier it becomes. Then you challenge yourself to do more. It's all about practice.:

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xoxoxoxox Safe Weekend Wishes xoxoxoxoxo


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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday - More Transition!

Well fall has entered the North Carolina atmosphere.  The temperatures have cooled down a good ten degrees and it is true you may find me in long sleeves a bit more!  Remember: Temperature = Less than eighty degrees = Me freezing.

Easy math.  I like that.

Today I'm sharing another transitioning look from summer to fall that I really enjoy.

I'm so glad that it became cool to mix patterns.  And here is why...

I treat leopard like a neutral.  

Yes, I am that girl.  

A couple weeks back I picked up a leopard tank from Target (Merona) and I have been wanting to wear it some kinda bad.  Last Saturday I picked up this awesome lightweight striped knit top with faint grey stripes.  I picked it up at Goodwill (its amazing what you can find when you set out for repurpose items!)  On Sunday I paired them together with my American Eagle, boyfriend cut capris and my Old Navy leopard ballet flats.

I kinda am in love with this outfit.

Are you still in the transition period for summer to fall?  What are you wearing?  Are you a leopard feign too?  I love you!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WUW: September 2016!

Already...we're at the end of a month.  We may as well be prepping for the big send off of 2016 because she does not want to stick around at all.  Maybe that's OK.  Who knows.  Let's answer some questions now...BTW I'm linked up over at The Larson Lingo!

Image result for what's up wednesday larson lingo

This week we are eating...
What I posted yesterday!  On Tuesdays I have been posting out three menus that I create for each week.  This week I'm reintroducing yummy soups to the menu because there's a rumor cold weather is coming and by cold weather I mean the seventies.

What I'm reminiscing about...
Truth about Teaching                                                       …:
Via bored_teachers
Being in the classroom.  I miss working in the schools.  Just being honest.  Of course this will all pass at some point.  I really miss the group I worked with the most (Hello ECHS!) they will always be my most favorite bunch!

What I'm loving...
From Monday's post here on ABW!

The fact that after two friggin' weeks of illness I'm managing a pretty healthy home.  When your kids or husband are sick life is a true struggle!  When they are healthy you realize the HUGE blessing that is!  Wash those hands people!

What I'm dreading...

Challenge Accepted!!:

Can't think of anything other than the yearly health screening by our insurance provider.  At some point this month I have to fast and get poked and prodded.  Never a fun time.  I always stress over it.  Maybe instead of 18-20 miles a week I need to log more like 24-30. Hmmm?

What I'm working on...

Blue closet #organizing #organization:
Via Tumblr - Why the crap can't I have a closet like this?  Mine is like 1/45th of this size.
More appropriately what I need to be working my closet, my kid's rooms, my laundry room. crap.  I would really like to be crafting right now.  I started some 2x4 art thing back in the summer and it turned out great.  I would love to do one for fall but yeah I'm going opposite that direction.

What I'm excited about...

October 2013
 October is always fun around here!  I am really happy for it to be around the corner.  My husband's birthday, fair, a party, fun stuff for the kiddos.  Sounds like a good time, right?

What I'm watching/reading...

Lucy and Ethel Finally Got Back Together on RHONJ:

Watching...This Is Us, The Goldbergs, RHONJ, RHOC, Netflix.  I finally watched The Holiday you blog freaks.  It was good!  Cameron Diaz just sucks as an actress.  I had forgotten all about Jude Law that delicious Brit.

What's Cookin' with the Johnstons: FOR.THE.LOVE of Jen Hatmaker:

Reading - FINALLY I read Jen Hatmaker's For The Love.  My gosh the best book.  I'm thinking of purchasing a few copies as gifts.  That book is amazing.  

What I'm listening to...

CAN'T shut my mouth. You brought it, I finished it. Per the usual. Sheesh lmao:
Via Pinterest
A lot of rap.  It's my go to for my workouts and the anger I hold because Fantasy Football is sucking butt.  I am filled with rage LOL.  Take your hippie music and go away from me.  
Aside from that every time I hear Good, Good Father at church or on the radio I cry a little.  I guess I should have transitioned better there - rap to Christian yeah I'm a mixed bag.

What I'm wearing...

I started doing fashion posts a couple weeks back! (Here & Here)  Tomorrow I'll have another transition look up, I cannot wait!

I need to apologize for something I wore last week.  I had on my work out pants and they are tight and I didn't realize my shirt was short...well as short as it was and now I'm slightly mortified.

What I'm doing this weekend...

Via The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival's Website!

Getting out of the friggin' house that's what!  The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival is this weekend and we are headed that way. When I was a kid I remember going every year but since then yeah one time.  Of course the perk to going now is seeing my bestie!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

We are hosting an Eat, Drink, & Carve party!  I am very excited about this, guys!  It's a little more pricey to host this event than Friendsgiving so we scratched Friendsgiving 2016 to do this party instead.  I cannot wait to have some dear friends and their kids over to eat chili, drink wine, laugh, and decorate some pumpkins!  I'm thinking a pick up game of backyard football and some Nelly Country Grammar too.  

 I know it's early but....

ριитєяєѕт: ıŋ۷σƙıŋɠѕ℘ιяιɬѕ                                                                                                                                                     More:

Haha anyone else having this issue?!?!  They are everywhere!  I guess they are kind of on time for the party though!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pinterest - Yeah I Probably Won't Do That!

Hey guys!  It's a twofer Tuesday.  My Tasty Post can be clicked upon by clicking older posts at the bottom of this blog.  

Today I'm linking up with one of my dearest SnapChat buds - Shelly.  Shelly cohosts a fabulous link up Spiel The Beans each month.  Today's topic is things we pin that we will never do.  How fun is that?  How guilty am I of that?  Very.  Go ahead and cuff me and take me away guilty.

So here are a few things I have pinned that I will not do...ever. 

Pickle Roll-Ups - beyond simple yet ridiculously addicting!

Yes never will I do that.  That is nasty as hell.  Yeah my son would eat it but he eats stuff he finds under random chairs. Why did I pin that?  Ewww.  

Floral Ice Cubes and Champagne:

Seemed like a good idea - floral ice cubes.  Then I remembered I have no use for floral ice cubes unless they can magically make my laundry wash, dry, and fold itself; kids behave all day; and burn calories at triple the speed they normally burn.  Yeah, no.

I want this tshirt so I can go put it on everytime he makes me angry.:

As much as I would LOVE to rock that shirt I never would.  I have to say those words under my breath because I'm a good girl...yeah that sounds nice. HA!

omg. i want my own tinman. love this. Not very hard to make and sooo cute!!

I'm not even sure what was going on in my head.  This isn't anything I would like...what?

Of course these all came from my Pinterest (apbullard).  This was fun and lifted a five ounce weight off my chest.  LOL I cannot wait to see what you guys have pinned that you will never do!  Share it in the comments or link up if you are a blogger!


Tasty Tuesday... Changes Coming!

Admitting I have been so bored with my Tasty Tuesday posts.  To a reader they may not seem like much - three menus (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner) for a week.  I think in my mind somebody would show some interest in getting a recipe.  That didn't happen LOL and that is OK!  

So this week I am going to start experimenting with food posting (again).  Three menus are still on this post and can be found at the very end.  But...I want to get back to what I love.  Talking about food and nutrition.

A little background:  I'm a nerd.

I like nutrition.  I liked sitting in college classes all about nutrition.  That makes me a super nerd.  I get it and I freaking wear that sash and crown like a champion. You know why?  Because it allows me to not fall for fads and not bring you recipes that are not beneficial to your health.

So here's my thinking...Fall is here, it's fresh and new (and still 88 as I type this post up).  Time for me to do what I do best:  Put my skills together and provide you some truly healthy recipes, tips, etc for the season we just jumped into.

My basis for the next four-twelve weeks of TT posts are keeping you healthy during the most unhealthy time of the year.  From October to December we consume so many more naughty calories (carbs, bad fats) and sugar than any other time of the twelve months we call a year.  I think we can blame Halloween candy, cooler temperatures which make baked goods taste all the better, pumpkin pie, Christmas baking, and everything else I failed to mention for this destructive effect on our systems!

Once a week I want to bring you food that is rich in goodness and not rich in adding to those fat stores you think you require during the winter.  Remember you're a human and not a polar bear.

Don't worry most of the recipes I'm working on in my own kitchen are easy.  They don't require special order ingredients or a couple hours to create.  The best bit?  I love utilizing a crock pot.  Is there any better invention for a busy human than the fabulous crock pot?  Exactly - there is not!  And for you who smirked and whispered, "Yeah a drive thru," shame on you.

So next week be prepared for a recipe!  It is like the fresh TT for October!

Now here are the three menus for this week:

I hope, like really hope, you liked this new Tasty Tuesday!

And tonight...I'm having some birthday cake!  My grandma is 90 years old today!  She may not remember us thanks to Alzheimer's Disease but we have many wonderful memories of her.  Tonight she'll be very confused as we celebrate her life.  My wonderful aunt celebrated her own birthday on Sunday so we'll have cake in her honor too.  I just love some birthday cake!  Even if it does me I have to pull a few extra miles working out!

“Sprinkles + @littlecatdesignco_shop toppers  Cake by @__sammyflowers”:



Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Recap, PSA, Playbook

What a weekend...well not really one for the books but hey it was a weekend, right?

Friday was...
*Sick daughter on the couch, barfing, yeah.
*Little man full speed ahead but wanting to help mom be a nurse.
*FaceTime with my bestie.  So proud of her for doing a great job in her job and getting a raise!
*A lot of cleaning

Saturday was...
*Six miles DONE and it felt so good.  I normally work out a minimum of three times a week.  This week was able to pull three days in the midst of illnes.
*Finding out that what my daughter had was Scarlett Fever.  Shut up, is that really a think in 2016?  Apparently.
*Reading nearly all of For The Love my goodness that is a GREAT book and I highly reccommend it.  I think that will be the Christmas gift go to of the year.
*Pumpkin my oven and then in my tummy.  Holy Moly soooo good!
*College football
*Bad wine and falling asleep after ODing on HGTV

Sunday was...
*My daughter finally getting better after four days of illness - praise the Lord!
*A dreaded Walmart trip

And now we're here at the start of another week, friends! Let's make it great even though it's looking really crazy busy.

After a long two weeks of sickness I put together my tips for keeping your home healthy.  I don't want any of you to have to go through an extended period of germs gone wild.

And then there is this...

What the crap?  Still my team has me sitting in the last spot.  I am not liking this one bit.  Look, I cannot help I'm competitive and I cannot help that Cam Newton sucked on Sunday.  I also cannot help that my future ex husband Gronk isn't on the field doing anything.  What were you thinking, Brisket?  Seriously?  You're a former NCSU boy you know I need you to properly send the ball into Gronk's hands and not the crowd.

I know October is coming and Brady will be back so Gronk can come out and really play but guys I need some magic like right now.

I hear that male model Julian E. is coming out to possibly fill in for Brady this week.  I hope he and Gronk can work out a good cookies and milk fit and I can at least move to ninth place.

I need this.

And Cam...maybe you will bring something of more A game style to next week too.  Just sayin'....

My boyfriend & I had such a hard time getting up this morning!:
Got this off Pinterest...LOVE IT!


Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday - Pass the coffee...

I have tried to write this post like six times and every time I delete it.  Lord have mercy.  Let me link this post up with Katie, Momfessionals, and whoever else I need to hyperlink here.

So my week in a nutshell:

This was the day after the earring fiasco.  

1.  Kid (the girl one) comes home early due to an earring being embedded in her ear.  Totally disgusting.  If you are a SnapChat friend (abullnojoke) then you know all about it.  If you aren't a snapperoo then you're in the dark.  I just am not rehashing it!

2.  My little guy got a Terrific (Something) Award for filling up his sticker chart for good behavior!  Can Ms. Cindy just live in our house so that that is ALWAYS the case?

She was OUT after visiting Dr. Haas.  BTW we are so happy we made the switch the WFUBH Brenner's Pediatrics!

3.  The girl child comes home early on Wednesday...she's got a 103+ fever.  Turns out it is strep throat.  Lovely.

Life was good on Monday.  It's good every day but Monday was a gem!

4.  Monday started off great!  I had a cleared calendar and enjoyed being a real a real one.  You know drop the kids off, drink coffee, work out, come home and do housework, catch up on RHONJ.  We were a happy little family too - the hubs worked normal person hours!  We all went to swim team together...oh man it was too perfect.  Of course it was just for a day.

First day of fall PSL.  Yeah I'm over them.  Too sweet.

5.  Fall started up this week in case you just woke up from that rock you were under.  I'm happy about it.  My decorations are up and I'm all about soup and wine and coffee.  Oh wait what's new?  Ha!

Saturday is not a typical blog posting day for me but my heart was full.  I shared this post with you all and the message was stop waiting.

Every day of your life is a special occasion, for when he has "gone to heaven", you will savor many happy memories:

It was my most popular post of the week.  So much feedback.  I appreciate it.  I think there may be more where that came October.

Monday posts are either going to be random or a weekend recap.  This week was a weekend recap!  I need to read it because after this week I'm kind of in a blur as to what we did last weekend LOL!


Oh wait I remember was capital A-wesome.

Are you bored with my Tuesday posts?  I kind of am.  HA!  I can admit it.  Yeah I did another three menu post and it was like bottom of the totem pole for this week's posts.  I hear you loud and clear.  Give me a little bit of time to work out some kinks and my new food posts will be much much better!  Would you like to see how I cannot be trusted around Krispy Kreme donuts?

What I Wore Wednesday.  I see bloggers doing these posts all the time.  I did one last week and holy grail of posts did that thing get a gazillion views (thanks Andrea!) plus it was super fun!  So this week I did another one except I gave my two cents on transition looks for NC early falls. 

I'm not a pro at this but I do love shopping and looking good so why the crap not do this?  Plus I can say shopping is part of my job now.  HA!
I also want to say thanks to The Blended Blog for featuring me on Wednesday.  They featured my post from last week on Fall Fashion!  Y'all are so awesome!

Yesterday seems so far away...but it wasn't.  So I posted a Welcome to Fall  pretty much.  I showed you my little decorations and our bucket list.

I'm ready for fall if it means good healthy kids.


So that's it.  That's this week and I am tired.  This weekend is busy as all get out and all I want is some wine, a blanket, and my fantasy football to suddenly erupt in points.  

How was your week beauties?  

Have big plans for the weekend?
Share it.
unless your kids fundraiser is selling whiskey - i'm not really interested!! - too funny!!:
I totally forgot my kid had crap to sell for PTO.  Oops.