Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 lbs


Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, sweet potato pie, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cookies, chocolate bars, Snickers, specialty fall coffees, comfort dinners, fat, calories, carbs, sugars....

Well that's the introduction to the holiday season.

To me it is.

I'm normally fab at keeping myself in check when it comes to eating sweets and fatty foods.  Not bragging I'm just pretty good at balancing my sweat equity with my sweet tooth.

This year I have noticed I am....shall we say....faultering.....screwing up.....not in zen with my sweat and sweets.

I can blame it on the following:

1.  The house.  C'mon its the perfect catch all since it has technically screwed me over.
2.  Another year of my life is up and coming.  The older you get the harder it is to maintain!  Didn't Weight Watchers or Moses say that?
3.  My bad choice to snack on Snickers, make tastey treats and slack on the sweat.

Ok the verdict is in all three win.

Starting today, two weeks before I turn 33, I vow to get my sweat production up and my chewing production down.  I can lose five pounds (what I have gained) by the time I turn 33.  

Just give me some support, K?

Dang if that ain't the truth....

Step 1:  Food journaling

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ideas: Living Room

Man, this is deja vou.

I swear I was just down this road and now...here we go again.  Eventually, we'll get to move back in our home and when that day comes I want to be ready.  But before we move in and after the workers are finished I will have to paint and design and all that fun and head ache inducing stuff.  I'm starting a new weekly post about ideas.  Share yours, give me your feedback, this can be fun.

Pinterest is a great site.  I think we all know that by now.  If you haven't signed onto the Pinterest bandwagon then c'mon and get with it.  The first go around I did a lot of research via the popular website and this time I plan to do it again. 


Last year we painted our living room a gorgeous shade of silvery blue.  I loved it....seriously.  This year we are having to have new flooring installed.  I haven't really picked out the flooring we'll have so I'm looking at the offerings.

We are doing laminate this time around.  The house had its original heart pine floors when we moved in and we kept that.  Unfortunately, the little disaster ruined flooring so we're looking for durability and longevity and cost effectiveness for our flooring.

A stigma was attached to laminate for a long time.  Over the years the flooring material mechanical brainiacs have made laminate quite the product for flooring ventures.  We feel confidant using laminate for our newly reconstructed house!

I have a few requirements for our home.  

Our flooring needs to be dark but not so dark it closes us in.  When you start choosing colors for floors, walls, and ceilings it is so important to take into account the size of the room.  Small rooms are going to be even smaller once you use too many dark color options.  

*Also when you look at an empty you you can easily be persuaded a room is big.  Once you put a couple pieces of furniture in you will see your room shrink.  Once you add dark colors you're looking at a closet!  It is all about balance!*

love the look of this laminate flooring! can't wait to get our house done soon!!!

How do you like this?  It seems as though this is a very popular flooring.  I do like it.  It has classic elements.  It also has a good color texture to hide imperfections that happen when you have heavy traffic, kids, and animals.

Cheap Laminate Flooring Can Do The Trick For Your House

I love gray.  This finish is up my alley.  I like the smokey color and that its not an overdone floor.  I guess being different is just part of my whole self hehe.  This finish is about as light as I would want to go with the floor.  I also feel gray is a fabulous neutral and plays well with most if not all colors giving me loads of room to play with wall colors and fabrics.

Shaw Baldwin Park Laminate Flooring at Menards

Classic.  That is all I can say about this floor.  I bet some of you saw this and thought, "hey that's my floor" or "so and so has that floor".....exactly!  Its beautiful.

I would love to get rid of the carpeting in my house and replace it with this flooring! 

A little more gray option here.  I like this since its more of a mix of brown and gray.

Fairview Pecan Laminate Flooring at Lowes.com

This is my nostalgia choice.  This floor is the closest to what we ripped out a couple weeks ago.  I love this antique feeling this flooring gives off.  It is also extremely versatile.  

Choices choices.


What is your flooring like?  What do you like?  I love to hear from you!

Follow Amanda's board Floors to Walls on Pinterest.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Randoms (For his and her's pleasure)

Just some random notes this Saturday morning.


I am finding I prefer my coffee just like my clothing....black.  Is this a morphing of age in the taste bud organs?  Oh well.  I guess its better calorie wise and that is always a plus right?  Right?  I said, RIGHT?

Why is my daughter's fire safety booklet covered in animated Chuck Norrises?  This is kind of strange.  I mean I know Chuck Norris can merely exhale and any and all fires would be extinguished around the planet but c'mon....

As of tomorrow we'll have plumbing finished up at the house.  Ok here's a pun that you may not like but seriously I have to use it here because it makes me laugh and I'm a human so I'm forgiven.  Let me start over....

As of tomorrow we'll have all plumbing finished up at our house.  I'm not shi**ing you.  

Ok I typed it and someone is offended and someone is laughing like the 7th grader we all are deep inside.

My son has a cold.  I'm torn...do I freak out and have him at the doctor's office and wail and scream that I'm afraid its Respiratory Illness D45798375-897673 or do I just be all normal and calm and give him some allergy medicine and make sure his water cup is full?  Yeah I know....totally number one.  No...that's not me.  We'll ride this out.  

Then there's Ebola.  So my friend Jen is a nurse and she is so funny.  She has to triage patients and she has questions to ask thanks to old Ebola.  Have you been out of the country in the last three weeks is one.  Of course her patients are not leaving the city limits let alone the continent.  So then she asks if they've been to Walmart.  HA!  I love it!  Can you imagine the looks on those guys faces.  


I need a nice dress shirt....man style...button up....fitted. 

My daughter is going to some bluegrass thing today.  Bless her heart.  I know my job is to protect her from corruption.  I'm hoping she'll like it now and grow out of it tomorrow.  Unless of course I can get her into alternative bluegrass like the Avette Brothers and Acoustic Syndicate.  That's totally acceptable.  Of course those can both lead to her being around products of youth like things with buds on them.  So you say, let her listen to the regular bluegrass.  But what you don't know is there are more coke heads in that line of music than any other.  So yeah she'll be jamming out to Disney Radio until she's 35.  Oh crap....that means Ariana Grande and whatever semi stripper wannabe that comes from a station with a mouse as its icon.  This is a no win situation.

I finally painted my nails and I really like them.  I used the Sally Hansen Gel polish stuff.  We'll see how great it is.  So far so good.

My hair is in shambles.  Seriously.  I'm having to do some magician style work on it in the mornings.  Counting down the days til Wednesday when Lizz can work her magic.  She told me last time we would be doing something different....ooohhhhhhhh!!!!  

To say I love being back to subbing would be a major understatement.  This week I got to work at two schools I had never worked at before.  I adored them!  It was a blast.

Well....lets get a move on with this Saturday!  Hearts and hugs and coffee mugs.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

1.  I made the best dessert ever.  X 2!  Sweet potato pie (without brown sugar) & a fabulous cinnamon spice bar from Mix & Match Mama!

2.  I wanted a fun read but not from the authors I had previously read.  I picked up this old book.  Love it.  I had no clue there was a movie but my hubby did know and said he had seen it "like three times"....ummm.

3. This is my favorite picture of the week.

4.  I found my favorite purse while going through things in the house.  I shared this in Thursday's The BIG Move post.

5.  My family has been such a huge blessing.  We would be up a creek without a paddle without their help and support through this crazy time.  I appreciate them so much and know I can never repay them for the immense help they have given.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

The BIG Move: Week 6 1/2

Over the weekend I listened to my husband.  
He said he didn't see us moving in our home until after Christmas.  
I posted that.

Haven't I learned not to pay him any attention yet?  
I mean seriously!  
He never listens to me (trust me we all know this) so why the crap am I listening to him? 

Oh, hi dear.  I know you're reading this.

Well I am so happy to announce that we may perhaps be in BEFORE the holiday season if not a little after it starts.  I want to stress the word MAY in the above sentence.

I also need clarification that the holiday season has NOT already started since um...Lowes has Christmas trees out.

Look at this progress from the first of the week!

Our living room now has a sub-floor!  The fireplace is gone and I'm hoping the door will be moved to its spot.  

The "play room" is now undergoing a major change in function.  The fireplace is gone and there will be a door where it was.  I'm very excited about this room.  Check that sub-floor!

A lot of work has been completed.  This is so exciting for us!

Such a mess.  But I can so handle this, right?
Ok so this is a fun story....this is my favorite pocketbook ever.  I thought I had lost it.  While cleaning out the stuff in our house I found it!  I was so excited you just don't know.  I have had that pocketbook for six years!  Ok moving along...

What a mess!!!

Wednesday morning was crap.  I decided to go to the house and do some cleaning (as in going through stuff and sorting). 

It paid off!!!

Four bags of trash and six donation boxes later....


Now we're awaiting HVAC quotes.

Plumbing should begin over the upcoming weekend and we're also ripping a chimney out.  To be honest I thought they were all removed last fall but guess what was hidden in the dead center of our home!  

I tell ya its crazy, guys!

If you're still praying for us then I thank you so much!  We need the prayers to continue being chin up and positive.  

We all have our days.  

There's a big mountain of negativity waiting to crumble on us but we're trying really hard to keep strong and smiling.  

I Think Thursday


Do you like my thinking cap?

So yeah....I have been thinking again.  I thought, "Man its been a hot minute since I did an I Think Thursday post...."

I think....knock off Ritz crackers are disgusting.  So that means you shouldn't buy them this holiday.

I think....this new computer system for my super part, part time job is crap.

I think....I have no clue what to do with the kids this weekend and your ideas are welcome.

I think....it would be cool to catch up on Nashville since um i.always.fall.asleep.

I think....I'd love to buy a lear jet so I can go to Andrea's church.  I love it when a church has people your age and lots of fun groups.  I just cannot find that around here.

I think....I better get back into the whole paint/design mode I was in last year at this time.
I think....I miss having my own kitchen and bedroom the most.

I think....I cannot keep up with anything anymore because everything is so chaotic.  It makes me sad.

I think....I bought some pinot grigio over the past weekend and have yet to open it.  #Shesaidwhat!

I think....lunches with Jen are so friggin' fun!  Nothing like vibrating at the old Mickey Donalds LOL!

I think....inside jokes are so funny but so mean when you aren't on the inside so I apologize for the above.

I think....I'm so sick of baby announcements.  I guess I have really ended that part of my life.  I'm at the part where I hear or read of another pregnancy announcement and I'm like, "So glad it isn't me."  I guess I'm the mean girl.  No, I'm just the old, mean, girl who needs to open her bottle of friggin' wine.

I think....I can so contradict myself and say buying a baby gift last weekend was too much fun.  Probably because it was for someone else.

I think....This fall weather is da bomb.  I may become a fall girl and yes I said that.

I think....you rock and perhaps no one told you that today so I needed to let you know that.

K, good?  K, thanks!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What the....Wednesday

Sometimes I say WTH (What The Heck or Hell depending on the severity of the issue).  Here's what I'm saying it over this week...

What the....our house.

My husband announces he thinks we will not be back in our own home until after Christmas.

Like I told my bestie....I do not get excited about a lot of things.  I'm so vanilla.  I'm so not excitable.  But the holidays and my own home get me excited.  That joy is totally being stripped of my soul.  Ya'll I'm trying to be all happy and positive but its starting to wane.

Tomorrow I'll have a new post about the house and some great news that made me go What the heck yeah ya'll!

What the....my computer.

Wouldn't you know my computer alerted me on Monday night that it was about to die.  Like really die.  It basically said, "Hey.  After six years I'm done.  I'm giving you my two week.  Peace out."

Luckily, I'm living in a house, with my mom, with about fifty computers lying around.

What the....my calendar.

Some how some way I messed some dates up.  I fixed it.  That was easy.  Thank ya!

I can't wait to get home and pour myself some dinner - vintage retro funny quote

What the....dinner.

I'm so out of my normal routine.  You would think six weeks in I'd be in a new routine but man if I'm not a stubborn old dog.  You cannot teach me new tricks....easily.

What is your what the?