Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Think Stuff & Things

So I was thinking....

*Last night a friend posted on FB she was suffering from Baby Fever.  After the afternoon I had with my first baby (now 7) and not being able to sleep a full night thanks to second baby (now 2) I decided she is insane.  She needs my two for a weekend.  Yes, Heather, I'm talking to you.

*I took a mental health day.  It involved Starbucks and the book I just finished and a two hour Target trip.  Go on with your baby fever.  When you enjoy Target for two hours because you realize you're alone and can actually LOOK at stuff and TRY STUFF ON it is an amazing day.

*My friend Keileigh is about to pop with her third child.  God bless her.  But she's so freakin' cute pregnant.  I'm going shopping for her this weekend.  What aisle can I find sanity pops and margaritas for the mommy?

*Seriously, kids are wonderful....before they develop habits that prevent you from sleeping and enjoying life.  And after they have graduated college.  That's a big window of, in between, making antidepressant commercials or AA posters.

*I did not partake in the Lilly at Target madness.  I was excited but on Sunday I as blah.

*Currently, booking our first camping trip of the year.  I'm a small bit excited.

*Yesterday I spent an hour as a pest exterminator.  It is amazing what a role of tin foil and masking tape can do.  If you read my Monday post then you know what I am referring to.

*Yes, the blog looks different.  Yes, I failed to do a Tasty Tuesday Post.  Yes, I'm in some type of limbo with what I'm going to do with the blog.  I want to learn more about making my blog something new.  I've been doing this for like 2.5 years solely because I love to write and share.  Maybe one day I'll figure out exactly how to take it to the next level.

*My grandma is dying.  It sucks.  OK so yes she's been dying for a while since you know she's an 88 year old and well they aren't really in the whole gonna get another 25 years.  Her struggle with Alzheimer's has been overwhelming and a passion of mine is education and getting science the money needed to make progress in getting rid of this evil disease.  You see this in my Mini Posts on Alzheimer's (post 1, post 2, post 3).  I'm building a team for The Walk To End Alzheimer's on October 31st, 2015.  I'll have more info up soon but if you're in NC I have a spot for you.  If you're out of NC you can sponsor us.  The truth is every person reading this blog has been, is being, or will be affected by Alzheimer's and that's just not acceptable.

*And finally, you're smile is so pretty.  I think I need to make you do it again:



Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Struggle is {Alzheimer's} Ladies

Well hello ladies.

The majority of blog readers are female.    The majority of my readers are female. 

I appreciate you so much I'm here to scare the pee turkey out of you.  

Pee turkey - totally southern slang there.

It means piss.

Alzheimer's likes women.

Damned womanizer.

Women make up 2/3 of the US population living with Alzheimer's Disease.

When polled, women said the one disease they feared getting the most?  Alzheimer's.

At age 65 more than 1 in 6 women run the risk of developing Alz for the remainder of their lives.  For the boys its 1 in 11.

Ladies, you are more likely to develop Alz than breast cancer once you enter your 60's.

Girls, you are the caregivers the majority of the time.  Here's the scary part, who will care for us?

Alzheimer's is a dirty womanizer.

I do not care to lose my memories, education, and who I am to this dreadful disease.

Hey women, get up and let's get the funding to put this grotesque murderer away for good.

Interested in joining me in raising money for Alzheimer's Research?  Email me, tweet me, FB me today.  More info to come if I can get my team built!  No, you don't have to be local!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tell the Secretary!

Just typing that title made me think...."Do we say secretary anymore?"

Yes, we do.

This week is Administration Assistant Appreciate Week.  I'll slide that into layman's terms and tell you that means you better be wooing your secretaries this week.

Seriously, where would the office be without the secretary ah-hem Administrative Assistant?

I'll tell you.

No where.

The phones would ring off the hook.  The books wouldn't be straight.  The plants would die.  The customer base would dwindle.  The calendar would crumble on itself.  Deadlines would pass unmet.

Basically, humanity would fall without the secretary.

I realize this.  I see a lot of secretaries and I see how incredibly important they are to the everyday workings of the machines called schools.  Without them, principals would run for the hills screaming and never return.  Teachers would be griping even more about paychecks because they wouldn't exist.  All those questions from staff, students, parents, guidance counselors, social workers, nurses, cafeteria ladies, bus drivers, telemarketers, photography companies, year book salesman, copier supply companies, cushy job people in office buildings, police officers, and weirdos would go unanswered.

It would be complete mutiny without secretaries.

Anywhere, everywhere.

This week is their week.  Don't forget them.  Don't settle for "oops" and pick up a gas station bouquet.  They have kept you in line and on the good side of so many for a freakin' year (well since last secretary's day) so do them and the entire world a favor and be kind to them.

Spoil them all week.

Good food, little gifts, a gift card or two.

But most of all....tell them you are truly thankful for them.  Let them know that they do make your life a little bit easier.  They provide the structure and support that no one else in that office, school, building can.

Simply put....they rock.

(Happy, happy week to four secretaries I see regularly and simply think the world of:  Judy, Lori, Michelle and Sandra.)

Monday, April 20, 2015

I need your help STAT!

Hey, you!  I'm so glad you clicked because I am in need of YOUR help.

Here are my two issues:

1.  A mouse in my house.
2.  Blog insight.

Let's start with number 1.

How the crap can I kill that stupid little rodent?  This isn't a Cinderella style mouse guys....its a freakin' field mouse that has taken residence behind my dishwasher. He scurries out early in the morning and I freeze in my tracks and find it hard to breath without screaming.

I do not have a cat.  I do not want a cat.  (But I am thinking of borrowing the cool one I watched paw down some stink bugs over the weekend!  That's a two for one!)

Glue traps?  But where?  Traditional traps?  But where?

Give me some feedback!

Ok item two....

This week I'm focusing on revamping and planning for the blog.  Lots of research and study going on over here.  I have a lot of questions like....what do my regular readers really like (post wise) and should I delete the blog's Facebook account?  Are link ups every day the way to go?  Should I move it all over to Wordpress?  Etc.......

Image result for to facebook or not to facebook

I know my readers aren't sure on the technical stuff but they are the PROFESSIONALS on topics and Facebook.  So I need some feedback.

I feel like there's a third topic here.....deep in my heart there's a third topic but my brain cannot seem to find it.  (Common problem lately...eeeek!)

Ok well how about getting back to me about this!  You can leave a comment here on the blog (love that), you can drop a note on the Facebook Page (A Brownie World), or you can email me if you wish..... amanda(dot)bullard81(at)gmail(dot)com

Let me thank you right this second for your help in making this a better blog.

Love ya'll to pieces!

Backyard Dreams

Backyards can be magical places.  I adore a good backyard with plenty of room for running and playing and plenty of room for quiet reflection.  Of course we cannot forget lots of space for entertaining your friends and family!

As we start pulling our backyard together I'm doing more dreaming of what I'd love to have back there.  Dreaming is what makes life so much fun right?

monogrammed rocking chair + lantern love    Southern Soul Mates: Fall Decor

Plenty of comfy rocking to review a long day or catch up with an old friend.

Dream Garden! It Even Has a Chicken Coop - Southern Living

Feathery friends to entertain us and get some goodies from.

Mommy's Kitchen - Old Fashioned & Southern Style Cooking: New Backyard Addition {Fire Pit on a Budget}

A fire makes it all so much better in the evenings

10 Incredible DIY Lawn Games

A little gaming never hurt anyone, now did it?

Dishfunctional Designs: This Ain't Yer Grandma's Porch Swing! DIY Swing Beds & Chairs

Put on the romance under the light of the stars or LED chandelier!

Square-foot gardening in a small yard from start to finish with layouts and Lessons Learned (the hard way)

A grocery store in your own backyard, yes please!

Raised clubhouse. I thought I wanted a swing set but...

A secret club house....

Beach Sign Beach Decor Keep Calm Pretend by CarovaBeachSignCo

And a little dreaming.....

What is in your backyard?

Follow Amanda's board Backyard on Pinterest.

A Fresh Start

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday 5

Monday...back to work, school, daycare.  It went well and it was super pretty outside.  Nice!

Tuesday...the rains came.  We need it for our newly sewn yard!  Unfortunately, the rain was super hard.  I'm praying it didn't send the seed sailing. We got a thunderstorm that night, the first one my 2 year old has experienced consciously.  He was very intrigued.  I could hear my grandparents saying, "Get away from that window!" every time lightning would light up the night.

Wednesday...felt like crap :(  we'll blame it on the rainy weather that may be here to stay.  Oh well, I didn't have to cook because it was Wednesday. Later in the evening my stomach would go on strike against me.  It was rough.

Thursday....yeah that whole felt like crap morphed into a stomach bug.  I ran errands and came home and crawled into bed.  Uncool!!!  On a happier note, my dog finally got a bath and her Trifexis.  I can sleep easier knowing that she is clean and not a bug carrier.  My husband worked extra late.  As soon as he walked in the door I went to bed.  My Diva left for the beach.  A lot happened, I guess? here and I am really hoping it is a good day!  Back to work and then maybe a date night (stomach will decide).  All my weekend plans wrecked so we'll just see what we get into, if anything at all.  Maybe the sun will show itself for the next two to three days that would rock!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Think {This Stuff} For Real

Oh my...

I think....

On the return to working, the future is scary.  I think generations prior to today's were more in touch with ummmm....dare I say......common sense.  I had to define IRS for them and explain that Barbie was created long before the 80s which to them means dinosaur days.

I'm glad spring break happened and is over.  I know, right?  What?  Seriously.  I can better prepare myself for a 9 week no school period with the chappies.

Spending Sunday by the water was just what I needed.  Ready to get my amazing sitter and drop a catfish line.  Catfishing = Brownie's Favorite.

Started my clean eating this week.  So far so good.  {Cue for you to cheer me on, ok?}

We are looking to get our own kayaks this year instead of going double dutch in one of my dad's.  I'm so ready for that water to warm up some!

I found a new wine, NC wine {not that nasty muscadine/scuppernong crap} that I am in love with.  Its my new summer fave.  I will be sharing it on a future Tasty Tuesday post.

that's what crazy looks like i guess!

The 65 year old who is preggers with what, quads?  Yeah she's insane.  And she's probably going to fester up in Michelle Duggar's head now.

Speaking of Duggar....I saw where the girl had her baby.  Ok that narrows it down, Jill, right?  I keep thinking ok that's nice but then I'm like the baby was just hatched and they are already finished up with their interview with People and plugging the birth episode on TLC?  Dang, ya'll.  Slow your money roll for a second.

Clean eating is not hard but when you fall to temptation it can be difficult.  Check that wording.  Why does communion have to be with bread?  Why does my two year old have to entice me with donuts?  Why do I have a brownie mix in my cupboard?  Why?

Lilly at Target on Sunday means I'll be shopping after church.  Don't look for me.  I'll be too enthralled.  I may have already made my list of items I'm getting and it may be long.

I better order up a kayak sooner rather than later....spring monsoon season has hit my area of NC.

So I get sulfuric style burps about three times a year.  I have to watch my dairy intake because I don't digest it very well.  This week I got a case.  Makes me feel so gross and pray to the lord of Pepto.  Do you get nasty burps like that?  C'mon be honest.  Ok you fart.  I get it.

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