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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful: November 20th

This may seem a bit odd and offensive to some.  I don't mean for it to be.  I'm just being honest.


Today I am thankful for the grape.  Let me be more specific for you.  Today, I am thankful for the grape that produces pinot grigio.

I don't drink it daily.  Though at times I feel I should since I do not have a prescription for stupid people, crappy circumstances, or acts of God.

However, when I do drink it I can just feel a little Italian relaxation coming over me.  It warms me up, calms me down, and makes me enjoy the moment.

Hmm...I sound like I should be drinking it on the daily.

I just feel my liver would not be so thankful then....or my family....or the DMV.

Thank you Jesus for teaching people how to transform the water.  We all need a little magical water every now and then (only when aged 21 or over and only when taken responsibly i.e. not when operating a vehicle, machinery, a cell phone, or being around people who may need your full attention (small children, dogs wearing lampshades), and never around your grandparents....they accept Brandy only.)

The BIG Move: Week I don't know anymore....

Maybe the title of this post caught your attention.  It would have caught mine had this been someone else's.

Okay so here's the low down:

Don't kick a person when they're down people!!!!

Our electricity did not pass inspection.


Apparently, each inspector expects different things at different times and they don't get together and decide on what is mainstream and expected across the board.

Sounds like any government job huh?



Oh that was just coffee...with some Bailey's and some Vodka in it.

Luckily, the things that made the inspection fail were very simple and minor items that can be fixed relatively quickly.

Praise the Lord.

So this week is nearly over but I will have some photos for your viewing pleasure next week.  Actually, this post will be coming a bit earlier next week and not on Thursday.

Oh crap isn't Thursday a holiday?

Just kidding.

Next week I hope to show you:

The finalized front porch
The finalized back porch
The finalized electrical (oh yes I will take pictures of every inch of that amped up joy)
The new meter box (did I leave that note out?)
And hopefully even more.

Until then I'll leave you with these snapshots from Wednesday...

I know you just peed your pants with excitement...calm yourselves.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Black Death I mean FRIDAY

(Read with British fairy tail voice)
Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, Brownie would awaken at
(insert Snoop Dog voice here)
two in the morning
(back to British fairy tail voice)
and go shopping with all the other possible lunatics of the village.  She would first stop to get coffee and then make her way to stand in lines in the cold.
(Insert Dateline voice here, you know the old white guy's creepy questionable voice)
And then she why?

Here's why!

1.  I like to sleep.

Though I don't get to much anymore I do like the idea of being asleep at 2 AM.

2.  I can totally wear that hipocritical sash of reason.

It is called "No one should have to work on Thanksgiving" and it is followed by, "Honey, I'm going to Walmart ok?  They have a great deal on food containers!  See ya soon!"  Which is said on Thanksgiving evening around 8:00 PM.

3.  Have you ever stood in line?

My Lord people!  One Black Friday I stood in line, in the freezing cold, in the dark, behind two women who had apparently had some military training about how to go in and take over a Kohl's.  Forget that.

4.  Have you been shopping with me?

Chances are:  No.  But for a few of you who may read this today you have and you are laughing (I see you Ashley and you know we're one in the same).  I'll go shopping and I'll load down the cart, no problemo.  I'll say things like, "Wow what an amazing deal!"  or "Oh this is PERFECT!"  But do I mean it?  Hell no!  When I get ready to get in line I will look at that cart and say, "I don't even want this crap."  Then I'll ditch it and leave and go get another coffee.

5.  Let's be honest though.

I won't get up at 2AM.  But I will probably hit an early morning sale on some things I know we need for the house.  Chances are it will be after all the "deal seekers" have returned to their homes with their cars so weighted down they drag the asphalt.  That's okay with me.  I'm so ready for Cyber Monday!

Thankful: November 19th

I'm thankful for my husband today and every day.

Even on the days where I'm cussing him under my breath.

He is a good guy.

Who has put me through a lot.

He is a determined guy.

Who I sometimes question.

He is an empathetic, sympathetic, lovely guy.

Who can be more annoying than a two year old.

All in all he's my guy and I love him dearly.

Thanks babe for being somebody I couldn't live without.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thankful: November 18th

We have hit a true cold snap in NC.  The high today is 37 degrees.  I cannot help but think of all those who are living in subpar conditions or out in the elements themselves.

The guys who will rummage through trashcans and dumpsters to find something to wrap themselves in to keep warm as they sleep.  The ones who will be turned away from the shelter because they are at capacity.

I keep thinking about the people who live in makeshift villages hidden from the public eye.  They'll start fires and stay by them to keep warm.

I think about the kids who live in homes with no electricity and those who live in homes with electricity but no heat.  They may be waiting on a coat to wear to the bus....maybe the next paycheck will get them one.

My heart breaks for them but it also makes me more aware of my blessings.  I am thankful to be warm on cold nights, warm on cold days, dry when the rain falls, and safe from physical harm wintry weather can do.

Help those in need in your community - donate clothing, blankets, and food to your local food bank or local missions project.

Local to our area:
Salvation Army
A Storehouse For Jesus
Second Harvest Food Bank of NC
Samaritan Ministries
The Bethesda Center

Weekend Recap



My mom and I spent the day in Charlotte at the Southern Christmas Show.
2 words:  never again
5 words:  never again on a weekend

Seriously the crowd was terrible, traffic horrible, and the prices weren't good at all.

Go during the week.

Starbucks on the way home was great!

Saturday night the hubs and I and the kids went to a new local California/Mexican Restaurant that we ADORE!  Domingos (go there locals) is off the chain.  I so just dated myself with that comment huh?  Mmm!

We came home and watched this:  

I mean gahhh what parent who grew up with Saved By The Bell wouldn't want to watch Kelly Kapowski as a journalist single mom whose son makes friends with an elf?  The movie was so good I fell asleep with 20 minutes to go.  Oops.

Our Sunday looked like this:


We have been attending a different church for almost a month and they are focusing on (and finishing up) Gods at War.  It's a pretty great series and we've enjoyed learning about it as well.  It will definently make you stop and think about what you are idolizing in your life other than God.  We enjoyed an early lunch, a trip to Walmart (ok me, minus everyone else).  We were back to church at 3:00 to meet the pastor and then to my dad's at 4:45.  Guess what....we ended up going BACK to the same favorite Cali/Mexican restaurant with them.  I had soup and it was in a mixing bowl!  I LOVE that place!

After the kids went to bed the hubby watched the game and I read a chapter in my book....  I adore this series.  I know I'm late to the game on this.

I hope your weekend was awesome.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thankful: November 17th

This may come as a shock to some of you but after my first year of being a parent to a public school kid my thoughts and ideas changed on the education system here in North Carolina.

I would love to be able to take my child out of public school and put her in a home school community.  That would be one of the first things I would do if I won the lotto.  Public school is anything but education these days.  It seems to be a complete and total mess of labeling and testing so that they can label and test some more.  The children suffer, the teachers suffer, education suffers.

I hate it.

The only place to point fingers is at the top.  It is that small group that causes this downfall of public education.  They have no clue what it is like to have your child be in class with a child who needs a special classroom so they do not hurt other students or their teachers.  They have no idea the feeling you have cut through you when the teacher says your child leads the others out of the class while another child throws large scale fits.  They have no concept of how much red tape a professional educator has to go through to get an EC child closer to the best fit education setting for their needs.

They have no idea, clue, or concept because they don't have to know what it feels like....looks like....sounds like.

All they know to do is test and label because somewhere someone told them that was the thing to do.

Now that I am off that soap box I want to tell you what I am thankful for today.

I am thankful my child goes to a small school...
I am thankful my child goes to a school where teachers show love to their students....
I am thankful my child goes to a school where she isn't threatened....
I am thankful my child goes to a school where she is safe....
I am thankful my child loves her school....