Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Bucket List 2K16

Well I may be a little late to this party but...

Isn't that normal?

Here is our 2016 Bucket List for summer.  I'm so happy that we are officially in the hot season a.k.a beach season a.k.a. pool season a.k.a. river season a.k.a. shorts and tank top season.  I could really go on but I will stop there.

The list -

I realize now that I left a lot of empty space.  Justifying that by saying I need room to put my feet in the sand and that looks like enough room!

Maybe I should add some detail to this list -

2 Beach Vacations - My little family is made up of ocean hungry monsters.  We adore the beach and when we go we are on the beach from sun up to sun down.  OK no that is a lie.  We are there from the time we get up until the sun starts dropping significantly in the sky.  This summer we plan to make the trip to the coast two times.

Pool Time Every Day - The item that makes the list every.single.year.  Also, the item we tend to keep the promise of.

See Finding Dory & Pets - I am not a huge Disney lover.  My favorite Disney movies are The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and the 2015 Cinderella remake.  I am the mom who cannot sit through a Disney movie more than once unless it is any of the ones I just listed.  Since Nemo made the list you better believe that I'm going to see Dory.  Pets just looks hilarious.  The poodle gets me every time - if you have seen the preview then you know what I am talking about.  Luckily, these movies come out about a month from each other so I will not have to take out a loan to go to the cinema.

Baseball Game - Vague is a beautiful shade of ???  Once upon a time we enjoyed going to see our minor league team play.  Then we had baby number two and haven't been back since.  Never mind baby number two is three years old now.

Canoe/Kayak Sundays - I have a severe love for kayaking and canoeing.  Last year I got to do that one freaking time.  This year I'm hoping to beat the 2015 record and do it at least two times.  Seriously, I doubt it happens.  And yes I picked Sundays because that would be the day of our highest likelihood to have childcare.

Join TYDE & Swim Class - My oldest loves to swim and wants to join a swim team.  TYDE is the YMCA's swim team program and well it would be perfect for her and she's been in my ear about it for a year.  Swim class is for my youngest who took his first week of swim class a couple weeks ago and adored it so much he keeps asking to go back to swim class.

Camping Trip - Normally this blog would be soaked in camping posts in May and June.  You may have noticed that not one post has said a word about camping.  Well, we're over he pop up 110% and we do no have another camper so we've just said forget it.  Then you realize it is nearly June and you miss camping.  I'm not saying we'll pull out our rickety old pop up but I am saying we want to camp so maybe, just maybe, we will.

Discovery Place Kids Trip - I try to be a good mom and take my kids to local educational hot spots.  This one I have failed to take them to.  No longer...

Pool parties with friends - My darling daughter the tween wants to have her friends over to swim and giggle and eat bad food and repeat.  It made the list.  Perhaps I should add do not become a win-o to the list?  Just kidding!

Craft more - This is for the whole family and no I'm not talking about scrapbooking nights.  I have a list of projects I want to complete and never seem to make time for them.  My husband has ideas for things he wants to create and he never gets around to them.  My kids love to make stuff.  This summer, it happens.

Find Lake James -  My funny entry.  I will explain it one day.

Visit some local wineries - No explanation needed.  Support NC wine!  I do unless it is a muscadine or scuppernong wine - yuck!

Visit an aquarium - I have been super lucky to visit all the NC aquariums.  My kids have yet to go to one and that needs to be changed this summer.

Fishing - Honestly, I have two goals here:  1.  Take my kids fishing as much as possible.  2.  Have a fishing date night with my hubby.

Yard Sale Like Cray Cray - Huh?  Yeah.  I really love yard sales.  Look, I'm nosey and I like to see what people have stashed in their closets!  I also love a good deal.  My daughter enjoys it too but she seems to justify purchasing everything in site.  For example:  The last time she and I went to a yard sale she told me I needed to buy the washer and dryer that was for sale so we could have another set and my laundry time would be cut in half.  Oh my goodness, what?

Well that's my list.  It isn't full of exotic things but it makes us happy!

What are you doing this summer?

Friday, May 27, 2016

This was going to be a video post...

Truth - I had planned to do a video post but um...nope didn't happen!

I didn't feel like battling my hair, make up, etc!  Just plain #truth

I have seen a lot of summer bucket list posts out lately and I've been enjoying them so much.  A lot of bloggers have things on their bucket lists that I am just daydreaming about.  I will get around to posting one - not lush and lavish - in a couple days.  As for now I'm just going to share what I'm hoping to complete this Memorial Day Weekend.  (Happy unofficial start to summer!)

1 - Chicken Coop Construction!

Neiman Marcus Chicken Coop The Heritage Hen Mini Farm comes with a $100,000 price tag and is one of the high-luxe items featured in the 86th edition of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. I can have extravagant dreams for "My Imaginary Chicken Farm", can't I?:
Look at this coop!  It has a pricetag of $100,000.00 and I'm not kidding you. Neiman Marcus had this bad boy for sale.  Again not kidding.

Our little chickies are now pullets.  They are in their tween years - ha all weird looking and kind of gross.  You can still see their cute chickness but really they are morphing into jr adults.  Just like for us humans it is a trying time.  We get pimples and they get bare skin as their fuzziness wears off and he features grow in.
Just like preteens outgrow their clothes weekly these birds are outgrowing their habitat.  It is time they became homeowners.
My husband has BIG plans to make their coop a mini version of our home.  Men and building, I tell ya that's a hot mess mix.
I look forward to sharing progress with you on Instagram!

2 - Date Night Weekend

Lake Norman, NC.     Can't wait to get back to the lake.:
Now who is saving this seat for me at Lake Norman?  Fun fact:  Lake Norman is the biggest man made lake in NC and my grandpa helped dig parts of!  That alone should allow me a piece of land on the water, right?

One of my most favorite date nights of the year is Memorial Day Weekend Date Night!!!  We go to our favorite Lake Norman spot and enjoy drinks and good food by the water.  It isn't anything fancy but very laid back and chill.  Luckily, summer is coming to NC this week/weekend so I can hopefully rock the new sundress I bought at Old Navy Outlet while on my bestie beach weekend!
What can I say here?  I love water, drinks, boats, and sundresses!

3 - Planting

Double Knock Out Rose (Rosa 'Double Knock Out') at Oakland Nurseries Inc:
I was never a rose fan until this year.  It turns out that we have some knock outs from forty plus years ago growing on our property.  Unfortunately, we didn't know this and have continually mowed them.  Now we're on a mission to save what is here and move in some new ones.  I think I am in love.

Memorial Day Weekend is traditionally the time of year I plant my summer flowers.  I'm not too totally sure I will be planting as much as in the past but I have had my eye on some roses...
I will also be planting tomato plants.  So on that note I should share I will not be planting the garden I had envisioned.  Yes, I'm kind of sad about that.  I love to grow stuff and gardens are a favorite but I just don't think it will happen.  Container gardening does look promising this year though.  Yipppeeee!

4 - River Rat

Hairr, John. 2011. "The Yadkin River near Rockford in Surry County.":
This is a small piece of the Yadkin River very close to my dad's property.  I love, love, love getting in the kayak (or canoe, I do not discriminate) and taking off down the river.  I look forward to the day when our kids can enjoy this adventuring with us.  There is nothing better than paddling the water.  

Another goal I have for this weekend is to hit up the river.  When you live four hours from the ocean you settle for the river.  Of course it always helps when your dad has a place on the river <wink>.  I swear guys I'm pretty lucky - my mom has a pool and my dad has a river place.  Loving all that H2O goodness.

5 - All things summer

Everything about her was PERFECT in that movie - Jessica Chastain in The Help:
Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong decade...this could be me in the summer.  You used to call me on my rotary phone......

I plan to be barefoot - a lot.  Wear my bathing suit - the whole weekend - except for runs to the store and on date night - I'm not that girl.  Make some good mixed drinks a.k.a. boat drinks.  Blare the radio.  Rock the messy bun.  Most importantly, I'm ready to kick off summer '16 in the best way possible.

#America the Beautiful:

I hope you all have an incredible weekend and celebrate all that this weekend stands for.  Even though this post has been about summery stuff I want us to remember the real reason for this holiday - the lives lost protecting our country.  For every wonderful thing we have been able to do and will be able to do we owe thanks to our soldiers who lost their lives for ours.  I personally cannot imagine the courage and bravery that those souls had to protect you, me, and all of those to come.  Respect our soldiers; the living and the deceased.

Be safe!  Be healthy!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WUW: May 2016


Lots of THM goodness!  I love this cook book and it is totally helping keep the sugar and carbs in check.  If you are on any eating plan this book is great!  I highly recommend the meatloaf, chicken drummets, and mufflets (so far!)


Camping trips!!!  We have none in our plans but last year at this time we were burning up the camping syndicate.  Hopefully, we will get to camp sometime!


Wow have I changed in a year!!!!  

The fact summer unofficially starts this weekend!  Y'all know I'm a humidity loving, heat loving, sunshine worshipping girl!

What we have been up to:

The outdoors!  From horseback riding to yard work we are eating up all things outside!

What I'm working on:

A lot!  My home - I want to brighten things up a bit and that may include adding another window!  I did my bathrooms last week.
My cleaning business - I'm hoping to add a few more clients to my schedule this summer.
Summer plans - From summer camps to trips I'm busy making plans!

Excited about:

Summer break and being able to enjoy the best time of year with my littles and husband.  The beach is really calling our names!


Image result for bloodline

Southern Charm, Real Housewives of pretty much everywhere, HGTV!  Toally excited for the return of Bloodline on Friday!


Image result for the hypnotist's love story

The Hypnotist's Love Story because I love some Lianne Moriarty.

Listening to:

All things country even though it sounds more like pop ha!


Shorts and t-shirs.  Loving all my Simply Southern stuff of course.  I bought a new sun dress at the beach a couple weeks ago and I cannot wait to rock it!

This weekend:

Yay for Memorial Day Weekend!  We get a date night on the lake!  Hoping to also get a chicken coop built and maybe head to the river with the kids.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

School being out and some laziness to hit!  I'm also really looking forward to hitting up the pool.  What can I say?  I'm a water girl!  This summer I hope to have extra swim parties for my girl.

What else is new:

Planning EOY Teacher Gifts!  My oldest's teacher is a lot like me when it comes to things she enjoys so I find that extra fun for shopping and crafting!

How about you beautiful?  What's up?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tasty Tuesday: A Good Read!

I told you I would have a nutrition label post up soon and violia it appears!

Today's post is short, sweet, and easy.

Seriously, you know how to read the thing but do you know how to interpret it?  The government mandates these things so that is the allowance for them to be tricky.

Today I'm going to give you the fun breakdown on the nutrition label and why you really need to know how to read it correctly.

Meet Mr. Label:

Alright, this is like sitting in a bar on a Friday night and some guy you have never seen comes up and gives a cheesy line and buys you a drink.


You don't know him but you need to get to know him before you decide if he's worth another five minutes.  Here is how you do it.

We will start at the top (his hair...)

Serving size - is this guy shallow or deep?  Looks like he is half a cup so I consider that meh.  I like big servings like 1 cup.  But that's me you may be into half a cup of goodness.  From this point on you'll know if you can handle this guy just by how much he's willing to offer up to you.

The next area I suggest you pay attention to....

Carbohydrates - This is the part of the guy that is going to stick with you - you know the Selena Gomez song Hands To Myself?  Yeah well the carbohydrates cannot keep their hands to theirselves and they will try to hold on to your butt, thighs, middle, etc.  Most of us are trying to escape these gropers.  I do not eat food with more than 10 carbs in them.  My rule of thumb is to stay away from these starchy monsters because they cannot be nice to me. Do not totally strip yourself of carbs because your brain needs them and your eyes.  You also need some good carbs before you work out to give you that support of energy.  Just do not overdo these things.

Looking at this Mr. Label he can go on and peace out.  Twenty-six grams is not in my game plan.

Dietary Fiber- Good stuff you need it.  Try to get it.  This guy offers none, boo him.

Sugars - Well this guy would not get my attention.  When you see "sugars" you should realize this is just what it says - sugar.  It is a basic sugar molecule and not a complex lengthy one.  What the what is she talking about?  I'll tell you more next week when I explain sugars and carbs.  I love teaching sugars and carbs.  If I choose to eat a food with sugar in it then it has to be under 10 grams because I don't want the crap in my diet.

Protein  - Always your friend.  You need protein every single day and if you are a vegetarian or vegan you know you can skip meat and pull it from nuts and beans.  Protein is my go to for calories (as is fat but good fat not bad fat.)  Our bodies are pretty smart when it comes to protein - unlike other items on the food label.  We don't really store protein and once we hit the level that our bodies allow the remainder gets shipped out through our urine.  I must share that too much protein can hurt you causing a build up of ammonia in your body and that isn't cool.  On occasion your body may try to store excess as fat but for most of us that does not happen, yay! Our friend here has 4 grams and that is a nice added bonus to whatever this is.

Honorable Mentions -

Vitamins are totally important but if you are taking a multi vitamin each day then you are pretty much covered when it comes to the alphabet group (A, B's whole big family, C, D, E, K, etc).

Sodium is a devil just like sugar.  My next lifestyle change will incorporate sodium levels but right now I'm just trying to keep everything in check with a focus on sugar.  Just remember my little buttercups:  Too much sodium will kill you, isn't that nice?  No it sucks.

Calories aren't that important and I'll tell you why:  Calories come from fat, carbs, and protein.  If you can learn to keep those in check and eat healthy and smart foods then you shouldn't be a calorie counter.  However, a lot of people do Weight Watchers and or calorie counts and if that works for you then do it to it baby doll.  Just remember:  Calories can be very tricky! Low calorie generally means high sugar and high salt.  Low fat is a bad idea too as they jack up the sugar in place of the fat the omitted.

Ingredients Listing - Pay extra close attention to this.  If there are more than five ingredients - put it back.  If there are three or more ingredients you cannot pronounce treat it like napalm and stay far away.

Remember last week when I said food companies are like drug dealers?  Are you seeing that now?

Next week I'll be giving you the deets on carbs and sugars and you will so want to read that post.  You should send it to your bestie and your mama and your hairdresser too.

Go ahead and send them this one today!


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Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday 5!

So much goodness to put in this post...let's get to it!

1 - Bestie Beach Weekend (Last Weekend)

It was fabulous!!!  Relaxation, rejuvenation, and a boob job?  Check out the brief recap here!

2 - New eyes

My daughter must have inherited my eye site genetics because now that she's wearing glasses her eyes are getting a little worse with each growth spurt.  Last week we were in the ophthalmologist's office for a check up (six months ahead of schedule) and it was decided a stronger power lenses were needed.  Off to Walmart (thank God for Walmart's awesome selection of $9 frames) and thirty minutes later she had picked a new frame.  On Monday she got them!  So cute!

3 - Under the weather

My little man greeted me when I returned from my weekend away with strep.  Eeeek!  Poor guy felt like death warmed over.  Luckily, my husband was able to take him to the doctor first thing Monday morning.  By Tuesday he was feeling great and ready to go!

4 - Under the water

While we're talking about Little Man I should mention he started a short stint of swim lessons at our local YMCA this week.  That kid knows NO fear and he was ready to jump in head first!  Thanks to my mom having a pool that he's been in for three years I can see why he loves the water.  He did really well and he will be in the next set of lessons soon!  Wednesday I posted my weekly (very random) Pinterest post and it dealt with the pool - check out the first five things that popped up in my Pinterest search!

5 - The bright side of funerals

Weird right?  Right.  This week my husband's great uncle passed away.  I think we all dread funerals and this was no different.  However, I learned a few things...1) The new teacher at my daughter's elementary school is my husband's second cousin.  Wait, what?  2) I met some of my husband's extended family from Georgia and they were so delightful.  3) Who would have thought a funeral would give my husband and I some "us" time?  Dear spouse had to take some time from work to attend the service and that meant that I got him for an extra evening and for a few extra hours the next day.  We were able to run some errands and get coffee at the new coffee shop in our tiny downtown.  We also enjoyed lunch together and it was just perfect.  We always equate loss with sadness but sometimes if you look hard enough you see there is some good in it.

Pinterest (This Week)

My Tasty Tuesday post?  I hope you'll give it a moment of your time and check out what in the world I am up to nutritionally speaking.  

Sugar Free Like Me: Low Carb Brownies #lowcarb #chocolate:
I believe it is time for these to be made in A Brownie World.

I love this outfit. I like how simple and classy it is. I LOVE how I could wear it at work or casually.:
Loving this look - orange and corals are always my go-to colors

If you have to ask if it's too early to drink're an amateur and we can't be friends.:
Truer words have never been spoken....

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pinterest 5: Today's word is POOL

Hey loves!  I hope you are all doing fabulous.  Can I take a second and tell you how magnificent Bestie Beach Weekend was?  My gosh I want to relive it right this second.  We had a blast on our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC!  Technically we had about a day and a half away and boy did the cards play in our favor.  Myrtle Beach is four hours from me and the drive was great - no stops along the way and plenty of conversation made those four hours FLY by!  When we arrived we were able to check in early and switch into our bathing suits.  We grabbed lunch to go in hopes of hanging out by the pool but a rain storm blew in so we did the next best thing - shopping!  Myrtle Beach has loads of great shopping thanks to Tanger Outlets.  Both my bestie and myself really found some great deals but our favorite part was - wait for it - bra shopping!


Yes!  We both needed a good fitting and to stock up.  I dubbed this trip my boob job beach trip because ladies I have been wearing the most incorrect bra size ever.  Yes, I was thrilled and stocked up!  Thanks to Candace for her fitting skills over at the Bali store!

After shopping we did dinner and then headed back to the hotel to read and veg out.  Look, we're no 24 anymore we had to do what came naturally and for us it was pajamas, a book, and Forensic Files!

Saturday was a total gift from God.  It was sunny, it was hot, and we spent all day in the sun!  Don't believe us?  Just see one of us out and notice our cherry red sunburn!  The beach was perfect and we laid out for quite a while before heading to the pool to lay out more.  Maybe she had a questionable hotdog for lunch and maybe I drank a bucket of rum...

Relaxation was they key for his successful weekend and we scored loads (and loads of Starbucks too that is always a plus!)

So yes it was a phenomenal weekend away!

Since I live so far from the ocean my sacred summer spots are the pool and the river.  Luckily, my mom has the pool and my dad has a place on the river.  Even better?  The pool getting all jazzed up for warmer temps and this girl is so ready.

Today my random Pinterest search is pool - check it!

15 Minute Pool Exercise Routine For Rapid Weight Loss:
Pin Here
OK I like this because I do like to work out in the water.  When it was installed my mom bough pool weights (you know the foam ones) and she would do he exercises she learned at the YMCA.  I more do laps, treading, dips, and pull ups (on the diving board).  Nothing like having a fruity drink and burning the calories you are sipping!

floating speakers:
Pin it here!
Um yeah I need these!  I think these light up as well as play the music off your phone.  Sweeeeeeet!

OFFICIAL SUMMER POOL DRINK: 1 can pineapple juice (46oz), 1 cup Country Time lemonade mix, 2 cups water, 2 cans Sprite, and Pineapple Coconut Rum Um yes please!:
Pin it!
If you have boat drinks and beach drinks you need pool drinks too! Looks pretty delicious I bet I can clean it up a bit to enjoy!  (Friends:  Look for this this summer at our get togethers!)

Tip of the Day: Clean Your Pool Easily - Tip of the Day - Who Knew Tips - from the authors of the As Seen on TV books:
Pin This Pool Owners!
Considering all the sunscreen and oils you should do this. We did it and it does work!  Love a good cleaning short cut!

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Here's your pin
Sweet Jesus I need one of these for the pool, river, and my own home!!!  Is this not screaming at us all yes?!?!?!

I love doing these posts and I love it when you join me - considering making this a link up!  What ya thinking?

Have a great Wednesday - Friday is closer!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tasty Tuesday - Sugar Free (And not diabetic)

Two weeks ago I made a huge change to my nutrition life - I eliminated all sugar from my diet.  This included artifical and real sugar.  Why?  Because it was pretty much warranted.  No, I do no have diabetes.  My pancreas is still functioning just fine (and that is majorly wonderful!)  The reason I dropped from my life will be better explained in a few paragraphs but just know it is not a earth shattering reason that led to this change.


Saying I'm sugar free sounds so harsh and snooty.  Really guys it isn't either because I do allow myself some base steals like - that pineapple cake that I overshared that has Splenda in the mix and a dash of aspartame in the topping!

I can tell you that dropping sugar will never be the easiest decision and actual change to participate in.  However, if you have will power that is really strong you can totally do this.

Last week was easy peasy for me (week two).  Really it can be for you too if you truly want to do this.  I've decided to take on the role of cheerleader and helper for all of you that are interested in deleting sugar from your daily food consumption.

I recommend you check out my high-light reel from last week's Tasty Tuesday post.

Today I want to share some information I find and found very key in supporting my decision to change my life all together by eliminating sugar from my diet.


The first few days of a sugar detox are quite difficult.  Most of us are addicted to sugar and we have no clue.  Sugar is the filler, whether its white or brown sugar or a substitute, that keeps us coming back to the trough to stuff our faces.  Nearly everything we eat has some sort of sugar added to it to get us hooked.  Food companies are like drug dealers - they know how to get you on their product.  Always remember that.

In March I realized my sugar intake was stupid high.  I was the girl who was working out to eat.  Are you guilty of that?  If you think about it working out so you can eat bad food is really idiotic.  Why are you busting tail in the gym if you want to burden yourself with sugar, bad fat, ugly carbs, and empty calories?

Here's a secret: I have nutrition training because it was my major in college (which I switched from late in the game) and I know the detriments to sugar on our systems.

Aging -
Sugar is the fuel for wrinkles, bad skin, thinning hair, cavities, etc.

Healing -

Sugar slows our healing processes and makes us more susceptible to illness and disease.

Sugar depletes our energy levels - you may get a ten minute sugar high but the crash from sugar is horrendous.


Sugar is a major culprit for not only diabetes (for the love of God most regions refer to diabetes as sugar ha!) but also obesity, heart issues, chronic yeast infections, and more.  There's also research that shows cancer and sugar are buddies - yuck!

I would like to be totally honest with you and tell you the reason for me removing sugar from my diet is strictly vanity.


Yes, I admit it.

I don't want hideous skin.

I don't want to age with a bloated body.  Fat and sugar are BFF's and I can do without sugar being stored in fat reserves.

I want to age like Jennifer Anniston dammit!  Sugar will not lead me down that road!

When I say I live sugar free now I'm kind of lying.

I do take in natural sugars from select fruit I eat.  Also, I do allow myself to splurge and make some desserts with substitutes.

Remember the key to life is everything in moderation?  Well I do allow myself a glass of wine here and there and when I'm on a holiday I will splurge a bit and enjoy sugar and carbs that normally I steer clear of.  These that I indulge in are generally a sweet treat or alcohol.  I have no desire for starch any longer.  Just last weekend when I was on my bestie beach weekend I had beer (Mich Ultra and some rum but I knew the sugar and carbs in those had to be balanced out.  I'll talk more about that in a later post.  You you closet drinkers can adapt to making this change.  Yes, I see you.)

When you go sugar free you have to read the labels of everything.  I plan on devoting an entire post on this.  Nerd alert:  I love reading food labels.  Seriously, I will pick up random crap at the grocery store just to read the food label for fun.

A little sneak peak at food label reading - don't mind the calories or fat go straight to the carbs and sugar numbers.

Anything with more than 10 grams of sugar I stay away from.  I also look for foods with less than 15 grams of carbs per serving.  Skip down to the ingredients list and if you see more than five ingredients start getting worried.  If there are more than three ingredients you cannot pronounce - do not buy it.

But what about sugar subs?

Once upon a time sugar substitutes were considered fabulous (we call it the 70's and 80's when all bad things were amazingly awesome.  Like smoking in the grocery store!)  Then research proved that they are actually quite disgusting to your health.

This includes Splenda.  I worked with diabetics during the great Splenda rush and people were treating it like a form of gold.  Personally, I never liked it because of the horrendous after taste.  (However, in the sugar free cake mix it is undetectable!)

Sugar subs are linked to cancer - this hurts my feelings because Sweet n Low was my home slice for close to ever.

Here is some food for thought -

Sugar substitutes that are made in labs (just like medication that has a 45 minute listing of side effects from uncontrollable bowels, to adult onset acne, to decreased liver function, to death) and over time those subs have been tested on mice.  There has been a direct link between cancer cell formation and mice who were given the substitute.  Now I do get that they give the tiny mice an insane amount of the substitute but still - the chance is there.

And think about this - do you really want to eat something created in a lab?  We weren't made to do that, folks.  Our bodies should not be completely fine with eating anything created by people in goggles and white coats.  Unless we are Frankenstein then it is totally normal.

Are you using that thinking cap yet?  Scary stuff isn't it?

Now breathe because we have something called natural substitutes!

Truvia is a great natural sub that you can learn to like.  It is really the only one that I personally trust on the market.

If you do THM you can enjoy their sweetening blends that are much more delectable for our sweet tooth selves.  (Don't worry I'll talk more about this in another later post.  Thanks to Emily over at Simply A Rough Draft I'm on this bandwagon whooping and hollering.)

I'm going to zip this part up because I plan to write more in another post on sugar subs, sugar alcohols, sugar, and more sweet stuff at another time.

What should you do to start your sugar detox?

First things first - take a tour of your kitchen.  This may hurt a bit so be firm with yourself.  You have two choices to make when you go through your food items:

Carb keeping or carb dropping.

Carbs and sugars are one in the same but we won't get into the big differences right now.  That is another post entirely.  (Are you catching on this is becoming a big fat teaser post?)

I decided to drop carbs with my sugar.  That translates to bye bye bagels, English muffins, and other bread products I had.  It also meant that potatoes were put on the bad boy list and sent to food prison.  Flour?  No I'll take flowers instead, email me and I'll tell you where to send them to!

Sweetened cereals - fed to the birds.

Snack crackers - put in a box for the kids and hubby.

Candy - toodles.

Since I live in a house with two smaller children and a husband (who needs to gain weight) I seperated out what could stay for them and had to be banished from me.  My area of the kitchen is on the counter and is a nice selection of vegetables.  My refridgerator is filled with eggs, fresh meat, some cheeses, and veggies that need to be chilled.

I do not eat junk food.

I do not drink anything sweetened.  My coffee is black, my tea is unsweet, and my water is infused with lemon.

I promise my life is really good and I'm always satiated and happy with what I eat!  It is hard but it can be done, I promise!

I snack on mixed nuts (heart healthy blend) and I am slightly addicted to them!

But here's the crazy part....

Three weeks in I'm not ever "hungry" anymore.  I'm healthy and satiated.  I'm down a handful of pounds (5 to be correct right now), and feeling amazing.

I'm not quite Jennifer Anniston <wink> but I'm working on it!

For next week I am putting together a post on nutrition labels and sugar subs.  My goal is to make it semi hilarious.  I want you to love this life change and love taking care of yourself.

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