Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Ramblings

Ahhh hello Saturday.  Today is going to be super busy!

At the house:

Away from the house:
Williams Sonoma Cooking Class
Sam's Trip (maybe, maybe not)
Chowder Fest
Gymnastics Festival

We're going to have a good day and I hope you do too.

Now on to the brain....

I decided a random post is fun and necessary for today.  To me, random posts allow me to vent a little and allow you to laugh a little.  See, its a win win!

3, 2, 1....

My hair is dark.  Whoa I have to get used to this.  Its the closest to my natural color it has been in a few years and its so hard to get used to.  I have a lot of gray so its necessary for me to keep my hair light but Jesus!  This stuff is dark.

Birthday shopping for others is so incredibly fun.  That is until you realize you have not one dang clue what to buy the person.  I have three birthdays in the next 7-10 days.  What the crap.  Everybody likes wine right?  I feel like I'm that girl that the birthday person sees walking up with the giftbag and they say, "Another bottle of wine"......hey would you rather granny panties?  I'll try to be more stealth and awesome for Christmas gifts.

How I hope my birthday recipients feel.

Speaking of gifting....isn't it the thought that counts?  Haha yeah on certain things I know, I gotcha, stupid materialistic humans.  *I am one*

My food journal sucks.  I didn't post Wednesdays for a while because it blew chunks.  I should post it right here....I should fess up....ok here it goes:  McDonald's for breakfast egg & cheese bagle with an unsweet tea, pack of reduced fat lance toastchees, black coffee, a serving of my mom's pumpkin dessert, a chicken quesarito because my husband has me addicted to them, another serving of dessert.  Yeah....uncool but oh so delicious.

Why don't people warn you when you're walking into work.  Really....if there's something you need to know about some people you have to manage for the day then by all means tell the people who are managing for the day.  People surprises I can deal with but its just more nice to give a heads up.  

Would I be a good candidate for Xanax?  Seriously, I'm high strung and this week has been a big, monster test.  I think I could stand some mellowing out.  Of course if its easier go see Sanchez on the corner and get some of Snoop Dog's sticky icky bubblegum then I'll just....not do that.

I hate how people with less than stellar track records decide to be arrogant towards others.  I mean really....we know your game, we know your past, don't try to live up to a t-shirt you gave yourself that says your the best ever.  Don't live that lie.

Why do people try to change their accent mid conversation?  I had this happen TWICE this week.  Just a nice little convo and all of a sudden that sweet NC drawl turns into some mutant devil spawn of Pennsylvania meets Minnesota.  What the hell?  Where did that come from!  Are you being invaded by aliens?  I cannot stand that.  I think the next time that happens I'm going English on your tail.  I'll just stop and ask if you want a biscuit and cup of tea.....out of friggin' no where!

I did not mean people from Pennsylvania or Minnesota are devil spawn.  But you mesh the accents and it sounds bad.  Even ya'll gotta agree on that one, sugah.

There are time when I see lips moving and I do voiceovers in my head like in the movies.  Many times the voiceovers go like this:  They just keep on talking, the human being, even though they have said this same sentence fifty-three times already in different fashions.  This animal is a true piece of work.  Then I'm wondering, did I say any of that out loud?  Then I'm thinking, would it totally bad to start laughing right now.  

I wanted to do a What I Wore Wednesday post because I looked so freakin' cute.  Yeah....I failed to do it.

I have given true thought to drinking an excessive amount of wine until my house is finished.  Then I realized I only drink a glass here and there so an excessive amount would be more than three glasses in a sitting.  Then I was like....yeah I'd have a bad headache the next day.

And on that note....peace out!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

I've played on Pinterest more than usual lately.  
Here are my five favorite things I found this week....

1.  This outfit

plaid scarf, boots, bag
I just love this look....I needn't say anything else, right?

2. This bookshelf
Rustic X Bookshelf--Short | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White
My husband said, we can make that.  I like that.  Will we ever?  Hmmm.

3.  These colors
2015 Paint Color Forecast Favorites - I guess I was ahead of trend when I used marshmallow two years ago :)
They make me want to Zzzzz.  I like colors that make me want to Zzzz.

4.  This idea for a Halloween treat!  

These bloodied bandaid strip hors d’oeuvres. | 19 Gross Dessert Ideas To Make A Sick Halloween
Yes, they are kind of gross but also so funny!  I think I should whip some up for my friend Jen to take to the ER for her next shift!

5.  And finally...I know many of you can relate!

madness: tales of an emergency room nurse


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birthday Dreaming....

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday was rolling around?

You would start product dropping to let your family know what you really wanted.

New Kids On The Block cassette & sleeping bag puuuhhhhllllleeeeeeze

Yes, I had this.

You would remind everyone that your special day was coming up.

Perhaps, you'd even have that magical count down to the day the cake was for you.

I have those birthday memories.  From Barbie Dolls to Nirvana CDs to just-give-me-cash.  Ahhh those were the days.

I'll be turning thirty-three in two weeks.  I have this little oddity about myself.  Every year I'm about to turn a certain age I link that age with something else.  For example....21 meant I could drink.  Twenty-five meant I was a quarter of a century old.  Thirty-two meant I could totally rock that parody of Taylor Swift's 22 song.  And now I'm at 33.

There is only ONE thing I can think of for thirty-three.  It is a little morbid.  Brace yourself.

Jesus died at 33.

That is no fun.  That is not a happy thought.  That is disturbing on like five bazillion levels.

I know, I know we can be happy in that he arose on the third day and lives forever in Heaven.  But c'mon that whole death thing is like the elephant in the room when you think of 33 and Jesus.

So to make myself a little happier about my impending third year in the thirties birthday....I put together a dream list of birthday wants.  I do not expect to get any of this stuff but if you can't dream then what's the point in existing.


So I want to win the lottery.  Just for my birthday.  I swear, if I win it will take care of any other upcoming birthdays I have.  Plus, this would be the best year ever to win the lottery!  I could afford to have my house finished, I could pay off debt, I could give to charity....guys the options are endless!

Of course this would mean I would have to actually buy a lottery ticket.

Of course I think that's stupid spending.

Odds people, odds.


A new mattress set.

But seriously this can wait because ummm well you know.

Kinda need a place to put it.  

And yeah I realize this on my birthday list makes me a little grey.


Oh my Lord that is pretty.  And my husband is thinking, "Oh my Lord she'd lose it."  TRUTH.


A day to go haywire in Williams & Sonoma.  I love to cook, I love W&S.  It is my happy place.  

Shoot, while we're at it lets just knock out this place too! 


My friends, some mulled wine, and a bonfire would be awesome too....that is do-able.  Yeah probably.


Nothing like a good pair of boots for your daily go to.  Love these babies from Twisted X.


Land one of those!  I love what I'm doing now but seriously....something a little more dependable would be goodson.


My computer is dying.  I kind of need a lotta bit.  I'm not sure if that's the one I'd want but it met a lot of my specs.  By the way I friggin' love Amazon.


I said I liked Amazon.

I've been wanting a camera for um, a few years, It will remain on my list.  You can tell from my blog I used a disposable LOL....ok no I don't but I use this guy's twice removed fourth cousin that was adopted from the prison.


Yeah um a BIG one of these.  Like so big you cannot believe it.  Let's just say I only need about $15,000000000000000000000 on it.  Whatever doesn't get used will go to buy you fun stuff!

So there's my dream list....well 33 is going to be out of control huh?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The BIG Move & Putting Pride to the Side

This week has been a wait, wait, wait week.

Hello week seven.

Last weekend the plumbing began.  It will not be finished up until the upcoming weekend.  

This weekend will also bring the new HVAC system to our house.  We're starting from scratch.  

Also, last weekend, the hubby worked on tearing out the last chimney that ran through the center of the house.  I got there for the last four hours and helped clean up.  Slinging the sledge hammer was extremely wonderful at relieving stress that has built up.  

Watch out!

Since we are having heating and air installed and since that means that the old registers from a few  eons ago will not work we are pulling up all the hardwoods through out the house. We're also getting rid of space that was created in the original build that no longer makes sense to have.  

This is allowing us to gain some space in a few rooms and that is exciting.  

See always have to look for the sunshine in the rain!  It is there just sometimes hard to see.

So in the week ahead:

In the near future:
Foundation finished


This is a bit of a gear change but it is related to the above.

A month ago I received a telephone call from a guy I have known all my life.  

It was a hard call to take.

His church was extending their hand to help us.

We are a young family and in July I lost my job.  We have a mortgage against the house.  The insurance did not have to cover anything and they walked away from us with nothing on their hands and their shirts still crisp and white.

It hasn't been easy.

Through it all we kept our stupid pride.

When I took the call I told the gentleman I would have to call him back.  

I could not agree to a benefit or fundraiser.

I could not agree to help being freely offered.

That was not the way I was raised.

No matter what we go through we have to remember there is somebody worse off than we are!

I cannot tell you how many times that has ran through my brain!  I heard my mom say it, my grandma say it over and over all through my life.

My husband and I talked the subject over and over and over.  

Every time our pride said no way.

After prayer and thought we realized that sometimes you have to swallow that pride.

Sometimes pride can stand in the way of good works and good deeds.

Sometimes pride is a paralyzer and not a source of peace.

So, we put our pride to the side and accepted the help.

This weekend we'll be in a tough spot.  

We'll be at the meal benefit the church is doing for our family to help us get on our feet and get more work done on our home.

It won't be tough to be around folks who are supporting us but it will be hard to accept that we have hit a place in our lives where help is necessary in a way we never expected it to be.

Maybe my pride will come out and keep me from getting weepy eyed.  

But my thankful heart will be bigger than you can imagine.

Years from now we'll look back on this time and smile and we will pay these actions forward as we are commanded to do.

So many thanks to Bear Creek Baptist Church and William R Davie Elementary School...words cannot express the immeasurable gratitude we hold for you all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 lbs


Pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, sweet potato pie, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cookies, chocolate bars, Snickers, specialty fall coffees, comfort dinners, fat, calories, carbs, sugars....

Well that's the introduction to the holiday season.

To me it is.

I'm normally fab at keeping myself in check when it comes to eating sweets and fatty foods.  Not bragging I'm just pretty good at balancing my sweat equity with my sweet tooth.

This year I have noticed I am....shall we say....faultering.....screwing up.....not in zen with my sweat and sweets.

I can blame it on the following:

1.  The house.  C'mon its the perfect catch all since it has technically screwed me over.
2.  Another year of my life is up and coming.  The older you get the harder it is to maintain!  Didn't Weight Watchers or Moses say that?
3.  My bad choice to snack on Snickers, make tastey treats and slack on the sweat.

Ok the verdict is in all three win.

Starting today, two weeks before I turn 33, I vow to get my sweat production up and my chewing production down.  I can lose five pounds (what I have gained) by the time I turn 33.  

Just give me some support, K?

Dang if that ain't the truth....

Step 1:  Food journaling

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ideas: Living Room

Man, this is deja vou.

I swear I was just down this road and we go again.  Eventually, we'll get to move back in our home and when that day comes I want to be ready.  But before we move in and after the workers are finished I will have to paint and design and all that fun and head ache inducing stuff.  I'm starting a new weekly post about ideas.  Share yours, give me your feedback, this can be fun.

Pinterest is a great site.  I think we all know that by now.  If you haven't signed onto the Pinterest bandwagon then c'mon and get with it.  The first go around I did a lot of research via the popular website and this time I plan to do it again. 


Last year we painted our living room a gorgeous shade of silvery blue.  I loved it....seriously.  This year we are having to have new flooring installed.  I haven't really picked out the flooring we'll have so I'm looking at the offerings.

We are doing laminate this time around.  The house had its original heart pine floors when we moved in and we kept that.  Unfortunately, the little disaster ruined flooring so we're looking for durability and longevity and cost effectiveness for our flooring.

A stigma was attached to laminate for a long time.  Over the years the flooring material mechanical brainiacs have made laminate quite the product for flooring ventures.  We feel confidant using laminate for our newly reconstructed house!

I have a few requirements for our home.  

Our flooring needs to be dark but not so dark it closes us in.  When you start choosing colors for floors, walls, and ceilings it is so important to take into account the size of the room.  Small rooms are going to be even smaller once you use too many dark color options.  

*Also when you look at an empty you you can easily be persuaded a room is big.  Once you put a couple pieces of furniture in you will see your room shrink.  Once you add dark colors you're looking at a closet!  It is all about balance!*

love the look of this laminate flooring! can't wait to get our house done soon!!!

How do you like this?  It seems as though this is a very popular flooring.  I do like it.  It has classic elements.  It also has a good color texture to hide imperfections that happen when you have heavy traffic, kids, and animals.

Cheap Laminate Flooring Can Do The Trick For Your House

I love gray.  This finish is up my alley.  I like the smokey color and that its not an overdone floor.  I guess being different is just part of my whole self hehe.  This finish is about as light as I would want to go with the floor.  I also feel gray is a fabulous neutral and plays well with most if not all colors giving me loads of room to play with wall colors and fabrics.

Shaw Baldwin Park Laminate Flooring at Menards

Classic.  That is all I can say about this floor.  I bet some of you saw this and thought, "hey that's my floor" or "so and so has that floor".....exactly!  Its beautiful.

I would love to get rid of the carpeting in my house and replace it with this flooring! 

A little more gray option here.  I like this since its more of a mix of brown and gray.

Fairview Pecan Laminate Flooring at

This is my nostalgia choice.  This floor is the closest to what we ripped out a couple weeks ago.  I love this antique feeling this flooring gives off.  It is also extremely versatile.  

Choices choices.


What is your flooring like?  What do you like?  I love to hear from you!

Follow Amanda's board Floors to Walls on Pinterest.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Randoms (For his and her's pleasure)

Just some random notes this Saturday morning.


I am finding I prefer my coffee just like my  Is this a morphing of age in the taste bud organs?  Oh well.  I guess its better calorie wise and that is always a plus right?  Right?  I said, RIGHT?

Why is my daughter's fire safety booklet covered in animated Chuck Norrises?  This is kind of strange.  I mean I know Chuck Norris can merely exhale and any and all fires would be extinguished around the planet but c'mon....

As of tomorrow we'll have plumbing finished up at the house.  Ok here's a pun that you may not like but seriously I have to use it here because it makes me laugh and I'm a human so I'm forgiven.  Let me start over....

As of tomorrow we'll have all plumbing finished up at our house.  I'm not shi**ing you.  

Ok I typed it and someone is offended and someone is laughing like the 7th grader we all are deep inside.

My son has a cold.  I'm I freak out and have him at the doctor's office and wail and scream that I'm afraid its Respiratory Illness D45798375-897673 or do I just be all normal and calm and give him some allergy medicine and make sure his water cup is full?  Yeah I know....totally number one.  No...that's not me.  We'll ride this out.  

Then there's Ebola.  So my friend Jen is a nurse and she is so funny.  She has to triage patients and she has questions to ask thanks to old Ebola.  Have you been out of the country in the last three weeks is one.  Of course her patients are not leaving the city limits let alone the continent.  So then she asks if they've been to Walmart.  HA!  I love it!  Can you imagine the looks on those guys faces.  


I need a nice dress style...button up....fitted. 

My daughter is going to some bluegrass thing today.  Bless her heart.  I know my job is to protect her from corruption.  I'm hoping she'll like it now and grow out of it tomorrow.  Unless of course I can get her into alternative bluegrass like the Avette Brothers and Acoustic Syndicate.  That's totally acceptable.  Of course those can both lead to her being around products of youth like things with buds on them.  So you say, let her listen to the regular bluegrass.  But what you don't know is there are more coke heads in that line of music than any other.  So yeah she'll be jamming out to Disney Radio until she's 35.  Oh crap....that means Ariana Grande and whatever semi stripper wannabe that comes from a station with a mouse as its icon.  This is a no win situation.

I finally painted my nails and I really like them.  I used the Sally Hansen Gel polish stuff.  We'll see how great it is.  So far so good.

My hair is in shambles.  Seriously.  I'm having to do some magician style work on it in the mornings.  Counting down the days til Wednesday when Lizz can work her magic.  She told me last time we would be doing something different....ooohhhhhhhh!!!!  

To say I love being back to subbing would be a major understatement.  This week I got to work at two schools I had never worked at before.  I adored them!  It was a blast.

Well....lets get a move on with this Saturday!  Hearts and hugs and coffee mugs.