Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday 5!

Hello & Happy {middle of the month} Friday! 
Here's my 5.
I wear your granddad's clothes.

Ok not really but I am all about some thrift store shopping.  I love some recycling (our bins are always way more packed than our trash cans) and that includes recycling clothing.  Yes I love consignment stores and Goodwill (GW Boutique).  This week I got a few awesome finds which make up my I wear your granddad's clothes 5 on Friday look what I got!  (All this for less than $20)

1.  This dress.  I love dresses but I don't wear them very much.  When I saw this baby and tried it on I was like SCORE!  Fits great, its my color, and its practically brand spankin' new.
2.  These pants.  Kackie is so....bland.  Navy is so boring.  Blush is so BROWNIE!  I already have my outfit picked out that centers around these pantalones.
3.  Dear Hubby.  I guess since we grew up in the age of Ab & Fitch its no wonder we still like their stuff.  So yeah this brand new A&F t-shirt for $3 - throw that in the cart baby.  I never was one to spend $40 on a t-shirt anyway.
4.  Little kicks!  Now that Little Man is walking shoes are necessity.  Just so happened to find these brand new Cherokee walkers for $2.50 - still had the box ya'll!

5.  The weather!!!  Oh my goodness guys it is fall in August in NC!  Our high today is 71!  Whaaat?  I'm geared up to go shopping now for a new impending season!