Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday: Good stuff!

 Oh how I love Friday! I hope your week has been a happy one. Here are some favorites to share with you all. P.S. I'm Linked up with Momfessionals!

1. My favorite Amazon clothing finds are where I am starting. I see posts about Amazon finds but can never get a post dedicated just to that. So if you are looking for some cute stuff here’s what I love that I have ordered:

Grace Karin long lantern sleeve top

2. While we are on the subject of shopping- today is Fab Fit Fun Customization day! I really like FFF and am not paid to say it. My daughter and I generally split what is in the box. This spring I’m hoping to grab the LED planter and a cute ring! My kiddo wants the bucket hat and matching weekender bag. What am I talking about? Go visit their IG @fabfitfun and if you want to try it out use my code and we will both save some monies! Code:

3. Nobody told me...

Jergen’s Daily Glow is straight sunless tanner. I’m digging it!

4. Wednesday Nights

Years ago (3-4???) we (family) would all pile up and watch ABC’s The Goldberg’s and American Housewife. For whatever reason we stopped (life happens) but this week we picked it back up and it was wonderful! We were together, laughing, happy, perfect!

5. Booked!

Our first long weekend is booked for 2021. If you don’t use then try it! I have used it for ten years and have always been totally satisfied for hotel and resort booking! I cannot wait to escape for a long weekend to “Paris of the South.” I love my state!

Thank you to all the lovelies who read on Wednesday. I will be getting myself a membership to Book of the Month club in the coming months.

So what’s on tap for the weekend?  I guess I'm going on vacation! HA! I am doing a little BIG thing tomorrow and cannot wait. Other than that I think I’ll enjoy laying low for two days and not having an alarm clock!



Wednesday, February 3, 2021


Today I am joining to Anne In Residence for the Currently Link Up.  The prompts today are asking what we are loving, reading, remembering, sharing, and wish-listing!  3,2, I go!

Currently, I am loving the fact I work so close to a hospital with a great walking amenity.  On my lunch breaks I can bundle up and get some fresh (cold) air and enjoy a podcast or some music and really escape from work and anything else on my mind for a little bit.  I'm a big believer in taking full advantage of your lunch break to get away! Read this about the benefits.  Add a second tick box to loving for the fact that we are officially in February and for that I am thankful!  I am not a winter person and to me February means tulips, spring planning, and the end of the dark!  Yay February!

Anyone else a little bummed with current reading options?  I know it's just me.  I have decided to read some old books in place of new ones.  Right now I'm finishing up Bastard Out of Carolina.  My format for "reading" is actually Audible.  However, I miss holding books.  I would say I would make a point of getting a few from my public library however they do not have a great selection. I also am not a fan of buying a book every time I want to read one.  Have any of you tried Book Of The Month Club?  Perhaps I should do a little more research!  I just miss holding a real book!

February conjurs up memories for me probably more than any other month out of the year including December!  I think its the impending spring that makes this happen.  February seems to be my personal "new year" and not because anything huge really ever happened in this month but more because I feel like I'm coming back to life after the end of a year and the passing of January.  I always start the month out planning a trip or two for the coming months.  My husband and I generally get our anniversary trip planned in February (the photos I've posted up there) and that is always fun and exciting because I am so ready to bust out! Planning our trip to Mexico was wonderful a few years back.  Savannah was a blast.  The Florida Panhandle will always be my favorite.  Those are memories I cherish! The kids sports also start their registrations and we get schedules which I have a love hate relationship with...that's for another post!  The memories made sitting on those fields are fun ones that also built friendships and fun time to look back on.  February is also the month that my Mammaw was born in and every February 9th I think of her though she crossed over sixteen (wow) years ago.

What am I sharing right now?  Hmm, that's a good prompt!  How about I hope to share more in this space!  You can find me on IG @iscreambrownie and maybe see what I can share with you in my often random posts or when I go for my weekly Aldi trip? This week is Fab Fit Fun customization week.  I love them and they gave me some free starter boxes to share - if any of you are interested please let me know so I can pass it along to you!

My current Wishlist:  Airfryer oven, all expenses paid trip to a nice warm and tropical location, a new couch for the living room, and I think maybe that's all? 

This was super fun - thanks, Anne!  And all of you <3


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Bye January!

Adios, January!

Ever have a month that feels so long yet passes pretty damn fast?  That was my January.  The first two weeks were gross.  The next two weeks just blew past me.  I have never been a great fan of the first chapter of the twelve month book of new year but this year January was just totally not fun.  I'm not alone.  I know several others who had a January that was less than stellar.  So friends....cheers to a new month.  The better of the winter months (if you ask me) that just happens to be three days shorter.



Friday, January 8, 2021

Five for 2021!

 More flowers....

Trader Joe's for the win on beautiful flowers but I will share that Walmart has a great selection that lasts long term as well!  (Same prices too!)

More organic....

There's a time to spend a little more and a time to save a little more.  When it comes to what you put in your body...spend a little more.  The majority of my food shopping is done at Walmart, Aldi, and Food Lion.  Walmart and Aldi both offer certified organic options for not much more than the heavier processed options.

More hiking...

I gave up my YMCA membership in December.  I cannot get there with my schedule and decided that after the year of donating to the YMCA that was 2020 was I needed to re-evaluate how I would take care of myself.  One thing I love to do other than swim is hike.  An added benefit of hiking is it is all inclusive for the entire family.  My husband and kids can benefit from a few miles of climbing the NC hills (and TN and GA too!)


The oldest child will be entering her last year of middle school in the fall of '21 and we have been patiently awaiting time for braces.  This will be the year.  But first she will have to endure an expander.  Bless it.


Speaking of my daughter - she took a risk this past fall and decided to try out tennis for her school.  She did very well and also fell in love with the sport.  Actually, we all did.  So this year both kids are going to get private tennis lessons and I think we'll find ourselves on the courts more!

And a sixth one to grow on?

Maybe I'll actually blog again?  Maybe. I hope so.


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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

This Was Going To Be A Cooking Post

 But I still cannot taste, smell, or stand up for too long without feeling like I may pass out.

I thought I would share what is in my kitchen this week.  As in what I ordered for pick up and my sweet husband went to get.  I had hoped to be doing a soup cleanse this week.  Oops that's not happening because I'm just reaching for things that may elicit a response to my taste buds or good ole olfactory system and also that doesn't screw my stomach up.

The List...

Oranges - lots of oranges because I keep hoping as soon as I bite into a slice I will taste it!  I haven't yet.  
Bananas - Potassium...need I say more?  I'm also make smoothies with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.  
Apples - because some wise old woman once said, "An apple a day..."
Pico de Gallo - I hate cilantro so I figured my luck would be if I got this I would only be able to taste cilantro.  I cannot taste cilantro.
Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup - because we all need chicken noodle soup when we don't feel well.
Eggs - I believe in huevo power.
Saltines - no explanation needed.
Easy foods:
DiGiorno Pizza
Toaster waffles
Apple sauce
Fruit cocktail

What's your go to sick time food?
Have you lost your taste/smell?  How long did you go before it returned?


Monday, January 4, 2021

Wait, what? 2021 Is here...

 Happy New Year.

Four days into it and I'm thinking I must still be in two zero two zero because I spent my New Year's Day being diagnosed with COVID-19.  The doctor was incredibly enthusiastic as she watched my test go from no value to positive in "record time" - what the ever loving hell?  Does that get me a reward?  If so...

I would like my taste and smell back.  That happened the night before my test.  I got in my car and was driving home from work when I realized I couldn't taste the peppermint in my mouth.  I immediately started reaching for hand sanitizer to see if I could smell it - nope.  I had just bought room spray (thanks to my husband's fart machine ass) so I sprayed it - nothing.  

My body had been aching horribly all week but it felt like my regular run with a sinus infection.  I was even diagnosed with one earlier in the week!  But ole 'Rona likes to pose as a sinus infection that spreads like a wildfire.

Cough?  I got it.

Aches and pains?  That too.

Cannot keep my eyes open?  Oh yeah.

I just wish I could freaking taste!!!

I haven't been this worn out in ages and I have been pretty sick in my thirty sddkf years.  This virus is just weird all the way around.  It has brought with it every possible gross feeling you can imagine.  Nausea and stomach ache are also part of the package.

But the craziest part?  No fever.  I haven't had a fever and that is a small celebration in itself.  If there is anything I hate more in life it is a fever.  


Since my nanny cannot take my children to the house I bought her in Banner kids are positive by association.  I can go back to work in ten days but the kiddos have to wait fourteen days to return to school.

My husband has tested negative (over and over) so he's some freak of nature.  However, while I have been battling this mess he has been battling random swelling in his limbs.  Very strange.  It has been going on since November.  Steroids have it under control (that makes me laugh)...but its annoying because you cannot live a life on the 'roids.  

The plus side of my husband being negative and on the 'roids is that he has limitless energy.  He spent all of Sunday DEEP cleaning our house.  I have been walking room to room like I'm just returning to my home after an HGTV show came in and reordered it.  I am wondering if he can take steroids once a month to keep this up for us?


I do not have a nanny.


Thursday, October 27, 2016


Thank you for all your reading, loving, and laughing.  A Brownie World has closed down shop.  Be sure to bookmark:  Cardio, Cabernet, & A Keyboard - the fresh new blog starting on Friday, October 28th, 2016 at 5AM!